The Internet Is Insane

If you’re my age or younger, you should be aware that technology will soon take away the majority of professions.

Many people interpret this badly, however, there is a good side to it all.

There are an inexhaustible amount of creative occupations available.

To me, the word “creative” connotes anything out of the ordinary.

Think about it: if your work is iterative, it’ll only be a matter of time until technology takes over. If you allow it, it’s a terrifying concept.

But it’s a good thing because creative professions are the only ones that are satisfying. And as time passes, there will be more surprises in store for the public. For example, I would have laughed if you told me that being a twitch streamer would be a full-time profession. But now it’s my turn to laugh. Working toward a career that may or may not exist is the last thing you want to do.

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The Internet Divided

The internet is constantly divided by two groups of people.

You see this people in your everyday life 24/7. It can be in the library, school, work, or at a sporting event.

We are constantly producing information by our smartphones or creating content and information.

As you would call them, consumers & producers.

Mindlessly scrolling on the internet, watching content produced by other people would make us consumers. Consuming various forms of media in our everyday life. You’re consuming media without even realizing it.

Thanks to Karl JK Hedin @karljkhedin for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Did you read that right?

You’re consuming media without even realizing it. A stop sign, street lights, billboards, traffic signals, a TV, whatever it might be, you’re consuming.

Now, I am not saying it’s a bad thing to be a consumer, I am saying that we need to create more than we produce.

The internet rewards content creators.

You see content creators all the time getting rewarded for all their hard work & it’s shown.

The world never stops for content creators and maybe I see why people call me crazy constantly. Creating and writing stuff out of thin air.

No matter what, this is my crack like the 80s. Constantly wanting more and more. Creative roles flow through my veins and my bloodstream.

I will create till the wheels fall off. You can scroll and find new dress ideas on Pinterest while you’re sitting here and reading this post.

You see what I just did there? Of course you did, it’s the point of the whole post.

See you on the creator side people.

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Living With Roommates

Living With Roommates.

Now, I am not dissing anyone who has a roommate, I just feel like I am living with little kids.

So, to each his own, it can be a blessing and a curse.

One day, there are a lot of people like a premier movie viewing and other days, its a desert.

Then, it feels like I am taking of barn animals.

Literal barn animals and it makes you think, “did someone really raise you this way?”

Although, I love these guys like they’re my sons.

Its never easy being the most attractive roommate, now, let me stop, I sound like a narcissist.

That’s what its like Living with Roommates.

Besides, roommates make life entertaining at times. Almost feels like I am at a circus.

No one trick pony’s over here.

Living With Roommates

While, they’re my people, I don’t see them at times.

It’s like putting my son’s out in the real world.

Let’s hope they take their backpack and Dora map with them, if you know what I mean.

Even though, they will always be my son’s, I will always have love for each and everyone of them. Except, the one that’s in a relationship. I might never see him ever again.

So, roommates aren’t too bad I’d say.

Yet, they still act like we live in a barnyard.

Seeing trash and dirt everywhere, yet, nobody wants to do anything about the situation.

Now, its a team effort at times but, its a group effort.

Guaranteed its always having people around but, space is needed.

Then, it seems like you’re on the FBI’s most wanted if you’re gone for too long.

But who’s business is that?

Nobody’s but yours. Now, if they harass you like a cop about it, you better not answer. But, if you do, good luck amigo.


Focus On Learning and Creating

Focus on learning and creating.

Now, that’s not ideal for everyone.

Then, you think, why’s that?

In a consumer society, that’s the last thing we want to do.

Also, it doesn’t pertain to what we want at all.

We spend so much of our time consuming.

Consuming pointless information in our day to day lives.

So, why not learn something new?

Even though, that learning might not benefit us, we should still learn something new.

Although, its not ideal.

While, our best friend Jim is watching Netflix.

They say everything is good in moderation.

So, don’t even feel bad.

Learning something new excites the eye.

Then, you see a whole new world.

Focus on learning and creating.

I wasn’t always like this you know.

I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons and stayed up and played video games.

So, yes, me saying that defeats the purpose of this article.

Now, don’t get mad, I am just being transparent.

Transparency is needed more online nowadays.

Learn more than you consume.

Consumerist societies are the backbone of societies.

We never create unless we are told.

While, this lets our creativity die out.

I absolutely hate that idea and it shouldn’t be like this.

So, do what the 99% of others won’t do.

Then, implement it in your life.

You need to Create and Learn

Focusing On Learning and Creating

Creators bring more to the table.

As we speak you’re consuming rather than creating.

Although, I may be wrong.

Creating just feels right.

After, you create a repetitive cycle happens.

It repeats over and over again.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Even though, you may seem lost but create for the better.

Life will change for you.

Life will change at a pace you didn’t realize.

Creators are some of your favorite people.

Bloggers like me, You-tubers, influence-rs, etc.

Create till you can’t no more.


The College Life

The College life.

A lifestyle I never thought I would experience.

Yet, I am here now.

Then, it has been a thrilling adventure.

Even thought, it might not be what I want, I want connections.

So, I am going to make the best of any situation.

Now, provide life lessons for all.

So, I can use them in the real world.

The College Life

Grades aren’t everything we make them out to be.

It won’t translate to the real world.

Now, do what the sane person would do.

Even though, people don’t listen.

Learn high value skills that are of importance.

Coding, web design, Google Ads, etc.

The College Life Experience

The college life is different for everyone.

See, college has opened my eyes to know it’s not really needed.

But, everyone’s opinion is different.

For example, I love self-learning and building.

Now, we must create something that will last.

College won’t do that for you.

Unless, you’re in a certain major for it.

So, do what you think is right.

Don’t listen to outside forces on a controversial subject.

Listen to the gut feeling.

Now, I am not saying to ignore.

But, you need to do what’s best for you in life.

That’s simply how it works.

Bend the rules a little.

Unless, you want to live a life you setttled for.

Create the environment and the life you want.

College may or may not do that for you.

So, you can get drunk now or do the dirty work.

Living the life you want was never easy.

Nothing good ever comes easy at all.

Now, it may suck but its worth the pain and sacrifice.

Although, everyone is different.

That’s what makes college so diverse for everyone.

I have to find my own path and do what’s best for me.

Now, I have a future to create.


Cut Out Small Minded People

Cut Out Small Minded People.

The people who will dwell on your dreams.

Now, cut out those ignorant folks.

The folks who want to “support” you.

So, find people who are open minded.

Cliche as it sounds, you just have too.

Subsequently, those are subjective to change can your life.

Then, life will start to progress drastically.

Press your inner subconscious to see why people think this way.

So, why is that?

Now, humans are more inclined to do the hard things.

Thus, making them closed minded and cutting off their true ambitions.

Small minded people are dream killers.

Cut Out Small Minded People.

There are people who are realistic in their dreams and others that think something is impossible to achieve.

Although, there are things that seem impossible in this world, its very possible.

So, what may be the cause of this?

Cut Out Small Minded People

Disband Close-Minded People

I will tell you.

Its from people who they hang around and listen too.

Then, their thoughts will start to rub off on you.

Don’t let this be a continuous cycle.

You will meet people like this in every corner of your life.

So I would suggest is how you deal with it.

Deal with it in a professional manner and wisely.

Now, not everyone acts like this, its just certain people.

Its like a plague to be around these people and it hurts when they multiply.

This is a call to action to not to listen to people with inflexible attitudes and traits.

Understand it gets annoying after awhile.

You will constantly hear it and nothing about it will change.

So, do me a favor and let those people go.

Those people won’t be in your life forever and won’t offer much but a bad attitude.

The worst thing in life is a bad attitude one may say.


New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions.

So, welcome to the New Year. A year of blessings and gratitude. Now, we all have goals to attempt to accomplish. Then, we will put all of our effort in attaining those goals. So, let’s get straight to it.

First, have a list of goals that you want to achieve. It may be losing weight, getting a raise, or developing better friendships. Once you have that list, measure a time a frame for those goals. Essentially, the time it should take to achieve those goals. So, make a time schedule for every task leading up to the goals you want.

Resolutions for New Year’s

New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions

In addition, of making goals that are measure. They have to be attainable. For example, you can’t just aim for a 100k year goal without hitting $100-1000 first. Not saying its impossible, just make sure its achievable to your standard. So, make it clear and reasonable. I am in no way shape or form discouraging you. Just be realistic.

Now, we are getting closer. Close like we are in a marathon race. So, we have figured out goal setting and organization. Then, comes time-relevancy. This means relevant in a specific time frame for goals you want to achieve.

So, you can achieve the goal in that specific period. Always make sure to see how far you have came from the beginning. Attack the goals like a pack of wolves. Hungry and ferocious for more. Now, make sure they’re relevant.

Relevant in terms of objectives you want to achieve. Make sure they align with your values and long-term goals. Ask yourself why the goal is important to you and how it help you get closer to your goal. Then, you will truly see why the goal is important to you. Follow these goals for the new year.


Psychology of Success

Psychology of Success.

Now, everyone has a different definition of success.

So, your definition of success might be different than mine.

Also, everyone has a different mindset on this topic.

Success is nearly the sum of our actions.

What you did yesterday, today and tomorrow matters.

But, what matters is, today.

Success doesn’t love comfort.

So, have a growth mindset.

It all starts with our behaviors and choices.

Choice to be better or worse.

So, choose to be better.

Program yourself to only win.

Consciously chose a path that determines your life.

Then, it will awaken our awareness.

Both individually and collectively.

Psychology of Success

Success of Psychology

Psychology of Success.

Everything in life is interconnected.

Relationships,work, and our lives.

All of this is on two sides of a coin.

Then, you see life differently.

Understanding it will get you far.

Next, you will apply it to everyday life.

Everything will feel so different.

Life won’t ever feel the same.

That’s normal.

It’s not meant to be stagnant.

Not everyone will understand.

Develop something that works for you.

Everyone works different.

Then, it will start to make sense for you.

Even though, you might not think it will.

Don’t allude to other’s ways of thinking.

So, think for yourself.

It’s harder than it sounds.

Just work.

In the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Then, you will see success at it’s true peak.

Our mind is stronger than outside forces.

So, we have to develop within first.

Then, everything else outside.

Eventually, we will see a pattern.

A patter that determines our lifestyle.

Interconnecting everything we see clear.

That’s life for you.

Although, this sounds like a lot, it isn’t.

Success means something different to everyone.

So, don’t get frustrated.

Time reveals everything.

We will see everything in due time.

That’s how success works in this lifetime.

Go to work.


Big Plans for 2021

Big Plans for 2021.

Now, we approach the end of 2020.

A crazy year filled with wild events and memories that will last forever.

Jumping into the new year, we always have big goals and aspirations.

So, there isn’t a reason why we can’t accomplish those goals.

Plan early for the New Year so you have a head start ahead of the competition.

Attack those goals like a pack of hungry wolves trying to feast on their prey.

I always tend to make multiple goals for myself and dream big.

Even though, they’re big, I am in my 20s.

These are the years I sacrifice a lot for freedom and what I truly want out of life.

Big plans for 2021 is the name of the game.

The Year of 2021

Next, you can have all the goals and plans you want, but you need to track them.

Big Plans for 2021

I can often describe myself as a perfectionist at times but, not this year.

Looking to get more out of myself and increase my productivity and my personal brand.

Then, I want to make a passive income goal out of it to fund my investments.

So, I am already being like a wolf in a sense.

Attacking and preparing to strike.

There wouldn’t be a point of me telling you all of this if I wasn’t going to do it.

I will put my all into what I want to achieve.

Please show other people what you can do and do the unthinkable.

Others will just “agree” with your goals but I’d rather show them instead.

In the midst of adversity, we will see who comes up on top.

Then, we can have bragging rights for who stuck to their word.

I know I will stick to my word and accomplish every goal I have.

Will you?


Accepted or Rejected

Accepted or rejected.

In a society full of doers and under achievers, we are two things.

Accepted or rejected.

Now, this can apply to a lot of people.

So, it may apply to you as we speak.

Then, you will really start to wonder if it does.

While, people are worried about fitting in.

Stand out from the rest of society.

Jump out with a smirk on your face as we speak.

Fly like you could never before.

So, you know what all that all has in common?

Sounds like people who are not liked.

That means to stand out.

Separate yourself from the crowd.

Ride in your own lane from the others.

Jump in head first and do your own thing.

Although, that might be dramatic, it needs to be done.

Accepted or Rejected
Walk your own path and stand apart from the crowd.

Actively as people want to fit in so badly.

Literally makes no sense.

In this lifetime, I’d rather cook up something bizarre than to be liked.

Extraordinary people bring extraordinary pleasures in life.

Stop caring so much about what people think of you.

I have heard this so many times I can count.

Leaping out to something amazing than being stagnant.

So, act out and stand out.

Society has a weird way of telling us what we can and cannot do.

I would hate to be like everyone else.

Where’s the fun in that?

As you’re reading this, please do not succumb to society’s standards.

Each of us have to be something that we are proud of.

So, why not be apart of your world?

Do your own thing and don’t look back one bit.

As someone who is called “weird” often, I embrace it all the way.

In short, never become what society wants you to be.


Am I Inspired?

Am I Inspired?

Now, this is the question you need to ask yourself when you wake up in the morning.

Ready to seize the day in full-force and attack any problem in your way.

Although, that question all starts with us.

Asking yourself this question will be the sole source of motivation that keeps you hungry throughout the day.

So, ask yourself this, how can you work doing what you enjoy?

Be as inspirational as a dog chasing a squirrel.

This pandemic has showed me alot about the truth about work ethic.

Working hard enough isn’t enough at all.

Grinding our asses off will set the tone of how our week can play out.

It asks the question.

Am I Inspired?
Curosity of Inspiration

Next, use that question to fuel you.

So, you don’t have to go repeating the same mistakes as before.

Even though, you will ask that question a lot, remember it.

Am I inspired?

A hunting pack of wolves never questions inspiration.

They kill anything in their way of their hunt.

So, you need to do the same.

Destroy anything anything that’s in the way of your goals.

Then, everything will start to make sense.

Next, it will apply to areas of your life.

School, work, fitness, etc.

We don’t even realize it but it will work for us.

Then, you will feel on top of the world.

Lastly, there will be days where we feel down.

Down physically and mentally.

Now, I am not scaring you.

I am just letting you know what might happen.

It will keep us humble and grounded.

Meanwhile, your friends will be struggling to find inspiration.

So, do everything in your power to make that true.

Find and never it let it go.

We often find inspiration in everyday things believe it or not.


For The Dreamers

For The Dreamers

This one is for the dreamers

Where we turn dreamers into believers

Overachievers and self esteemers

Fighting for a dream that no one else sees

That’s the truth but for you and me

Please don’t let those dreams die

As we know time flys right by

We will look in the night sky

Thinking how we can fly

It’s because we are dreamers

Doing the impossible instead of working at the cleaners

We are the dreamers


Studies show its about direction and not speed

Studies show its about direction and not speed. Lack of direction, not a lack of time, is the problem. Now, the problem is we don’t have enough time, its where we are headed. Attack each and everyday like its your last. Proven that you achieve more by being on the right path. So, this free information I am giving you will convert your life for the better.

Next, think about the next immediate step towards your goal. It’s mind-blowing to think about. So, picture it this way. A triumph of climbing a ladder and if the steps are too far apart, its hard to climb and easy to quit. Reason being, studies show its about direction and not speed. Then, you will divide steps in order to reach that goal.

Studies show its about direction and not speed

Do whatever it takes

Once you find out what has to be done, you will do whatever it takes to accomplish the goal. So, what matters if an inner perception of progress towards your goal. Have a driving force to be generated from within. Be programmed to be better than yesterday. Set the sail of judging your progress only based on if you have achieved that goal. I am the captain of my fate, and the master of my soul. I will do what it takes to win. Even though, it’s about the long term game I will attack everything that’s in my way. It’s never about how fast where going but where we are headed.

Time can be artificially created when we realize whats important, allowing us to home in our journey’s. Now, you need to separate your panic from execution. Then, ask yourself the reason behind all of this. Is it to make more money, to improve lifestyle choices, etc. We have to know why exactly we are doing something that’s going to benefit us.


Escape the Rat Race

Escape The Rat Race

According to Forbes magazine, on average at least 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Which means, they rely on a paycheck to survive on a day to day basis.

See, that’s the problem. That statistic sounds awful enough and never want to be at that point where I have to work everyday just to barely make ends mean.

We have the power to make something for ourselves just from a laptop. All you really need is a laptop and a wifi connection.

I want to work as hard as I can these next few years of my life so I am not apart of that statistic.

Escape the rat race and create the life you want to live.

We were all made for greatness but we cannot become greatness itself if we don’t work hard enough. Create, create and create.

Create something that provide value to people’s lives will get you where you want to be in life. That’s how you will get ahead in this life.

It could impactful, entertaining, inspiring, etc. whatever the case might be just make sure it has value and brings value to the lives of others.


Having A Bad Day

There are days where we want to give up.

Having a bad day makes all the difference on how stressful life can get. So, for every lost opportunity, i find peace knowing some people marry prison pen pals. To attest to the truth, my life choices aren’t all that bad either.

So, if the day isn’t going as planned for you, just smile. It will give a trigger response to the brain thinking you’re happy. Don’t worry if you’re having a bad day, it won’t last. Then, we remember one thing. There are people in this world who tattooed their old partners name on their body and they’re not even together.

Although, I have bad days, it doesn’t mean I won’t laugh it off. You either might be worried or confused to hear me laughing. I wouldn’t confuse someone having a bad twenty-four-hour period as a sign of weakness at all. Then, you can really see what change feels like. Often what feels like a challenging place is just a stairwell to something greater.

Having A Bad Day

Now, think positively. You have been in this predicament before. Being able to survive bad encounters like this before and I don’t think this one should stop you. You’ll make it through this one. Hell, the Avengers made it through Thanos, what’s your excuse? All jokes side, its not like this forever and won’t ever be. Don’t even sweat it.

As a result, you just need to keep on laughing. The average human only laughs about 4 times. Its simply not enough at all. Why would I only laugh 4 times in a twenty-four-time period when there is so much to be grateful for? Then, you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. Laughing so much its the only problem you should have instead of being down in a twenty-four-time period.


What’s the use?

What’s the Use

God-fearing waves that control our views

But is it really any use?

Seeing the world view from afar

It’s crazy to even think we even came this far

We have to believe we’re the mistakes we make

To only believe we will die at only for whats at stake

To sit here and question what’s my purpose in life

Feels like I’m getting hit in my chest in my inner artery with a knife

Trials and tribulations make the person

But, I sit here and ask myself

What’s the use?

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No More Wasted Days

No more wasted days.

Life is short.

It’s so short, it can pass you in the blink of an eye.

So, what do you do?

Make every single day count.

No more wasted days.

Even though, it doesn’t seem short, it really is.

Day by day and we are already in 2020.

Its funny how I keep seeing memories pop up from things I did 4 years ago.

Yes, I said 4 years ago.

Now, what does that tell you?

Subsequently, make the days count.

 No More Wasted Days

Whether they’re bad days, good days, or a combination of both.

You just can’t let anymore days go by.

Moreover, we can’t get them back.

Cherish the moments you’re most vulnerable and most happy.

That’s when life will start to feel good.

Life is a series of events that gradually change over time.

Then, we see a pattern happen and it foresee the course of our life.

I may sound repetitive but, its true indeed.

So, all the things you dreamed of, just start it now.

If its a blog, a YouTube channel, an eCommerce store, etc.

Humans never know their last day on this planet.

So, why not do the things that bring us the most joy.

I want everyone I know to each what they did with their lives.

Do not settle for a life you don’t want.

Find your passion and do the things you love.

We are just characters in a game called life.

Our existence is to create, love, and live it freely.

So, don’t let anyone ruin your 86,400 seconds.

If you didn’t know, there are 86,400 seconds in day.

Just because someone ruins 30 of those seconds, doesn’t mean your day is ruined.

Keep your head up.

Be positive for what life has to offer.

Keep spreading love and joy.


Vote Responsibly

Vote Responsibly.

Now, we can see why everyone is in a rush today.

Today is one of the most important days in the world.

Its Election Day.

So, this result will be the impact of our country.

Fireworks will go up in the air like dancers or people will either weep.

This country stands on the backbones of immigrants and innovators.

We all have a choice to make the world truly ours again.

Even though, we are the only inhibitors of planet Earth, we don’t seem united at all.

Alot is going on in this country and we don’t seem to stand on the ideals we stand for.

But, you can vote responsibly.

Also, you have the power to change that.

Vote Responsibly

Be a model citizen.

Consistently use the voice you were given.

Although, this may be some people’s first time voting, we can make a change.

Change starts with us and us only.

Be the voice of change and for what you believe in.

For example, you will fight for a brand discontinuing shoes and you do anything it takes.

So, why not apply the same concept for voting?

You can make someone’s life better.

Then, you will see a smile on your face.

Vote, Please

People are counting on your vote.

From near and far.

Voting may not matter to you, but it does matter.

So, you have heard the point of voting.

All I am asking for is you to do it.

As humans, we say a lot of things, but do we actually do them?

It feels special to do them or astonishing.

I can wait till the elections over.

Going to be an interesting of couple days.

This will be the kickstart of something new.

In less than a couple of days, we will have the same president or have elected a new one.


Why Always Me?

Why always me?

I often ask myself

The truth always comes to light they say

The truth is never clear like a summers day

I just want to be liked, loved, and respected, is that so much ask for?

Why always me?
Thinking to myself, why is it always me.

Me reaching for the stars at this point seems like a closed door

I often ponder the entirety of existence by one question and for the way I do things day in and day out.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be a sellout

Why always me?


We Are All Human

We are all human and make mistakes as people. Never beat yourself up about it

Stop be so forgiving

We all make mistakes

Doesn’t matter how much you can partake

You have to come to a sudden brake

But doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep going

You’re destined for greatness

Anyone can be great, no matter race, height, weight, or social status

You’re needed in a machine cause you’re an apparatus

You matter, I matter, we all matter

Be caring and give back

You’re important in this world just anyone else.


For You

Thank you.

Just thank you.

You & I aren’t the same race,

Color, ethnicity, or person

I just want to thank you.

Thank you for being understandable, kind, & important in my life.

You came out of the blue & I had no clue you’d be this important to me.

I want you to just be.

You’re more than the eye can see, people need to see that you’re great already.

And you will always be

Thank you.


How To Master Productivity

Now, this is a very controversial subject to talk about.

You can look up on the internet about productivity and ways to stay focused.

The human mind always seems to linger around and do things that keep us off track and into another reality.

Even though that is true, this one simple thing will help out in the long run

It’s not time management, working harder, or even watching motivational videos

It’s about resting as much as you work.

Yes, that may seem hard for some of y’all but you need to rest as much as y’all work.

Rest is a vital component for the human body.

Without rest we wouldn’t be where we we today.

The rest is just as important as the work

Your body, mind, soul all need rest

Hence, you see the same people tired all the time.

We are just not resting enough for our bodies to adapt to our hard schedules and routines we do daily

So, rest as much as you can and whenever you can

Rest as much as you work.

It will increase productivity by ten-fold.

Listen to your body as much as you need too. It’s a temple after all and way you treat it makes all the difference at the end of the day.

We always want to work and get these things which is understandable but, we need rest.

Why you think people sleep for a lunch break or take naps?

It’s to get some rest.

Rest doesn’t mean anything for working unless you rest.

Now, do me a favor and rest.


Is Isolation necessary for success?

Is isolation really needed for success? The truth behind it lies here

Now, the road to success can be a very lonely one.

So lonely that people cut ties with their immediate friends, family, roomates, etc.

I understand that you need to stay focus and attack the main goal but is it worth it?

Not necessarily.

It might be perhaps to be true for one area of your life.

We hear these myths of being alone and needing to being by yourself to be successful in life

Successful figures like Kayne or Elon did things like this to win in life. Now, you may want to be like them but truth is.

99% of people will never will. Just focus one area of your life if you need to isolate.

All distractions and things that keep you distracted on a day to day basis.

So, isolation isn’t even needed at all.

Our mind and thoughts confined in a cell that keeps us isolated.

Isolation will make you crazy to believe it or not.

I’ve tried it before and it wasn’t too bad because I am usually by myself half of the time.

You don’t need to isolate because it really doesn’t do anything to help you succeed.

It will do the exact opposite.

I am not your financial advisor or a therapist of any sort. So, isolation is never needed to complete any goal you have in mind.

Be around the people you love and do it frequently because it’s what you are made for.

Being around those who actually care about you and want you to win.

So, if you need to isolate, do it for an area of your life that NEEDS improvement.

Then, you’ll see the change you’ve always wanted to see.


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Losing Is Apart Of The Game

We’ve lost more times than we have won.

That’s just how life is.

I’ve have lost so much as a child I want to give up everytime I play a video game, sport, project, school-work, etc.

The thing is I never gave up and let nature take its course and had to accept it

Losing is apart of the game

Parents have to stop babying their kids about losing. It happens to the best of us. No matter how hard we try, we will lose at something.

It may be the lottery, your dream school, a scholarship, or even you lose the girl you really like.

Well, guess what? Get over it.

Being blunt is what more people need to do in this world.


It’s something everyone needs to hear

I’ve dealt with my fair share of losses before

We need to lose in order to move forward

Michael Jordan, Oprah, Elon Musk will never have made the leap they have made in this world without a loss

In conclusion, lose.

Lose often and take notes from the lost because it’s something we need to realize at some point in our lives.


How To Clear Distractions From Your Laptop

How to Clear Distractions From Your Laptop:

Now, this is something we all seem to struggle with daily

Multiple tabs, procrastinating, wondering off to YouTube, etc.

It’s human nature to not be focused on more than one thing

I am often guilty of this situation on a day to day basis

So, you need to prioritize one section of your screen

How To Clear Distractions From Your Laptop

Reach in the screen and pull yourself together

Even though, it might be hard to focus, you need to get the task at hand done.

Feels like a dog chasing a monkey

Focus on moving instead of sitting

Be amplified to do more and more

I used to be a victim of this until I realized what I wanted

Outpaced the older version of myself and replaced it with the new

So, focus on one thing at a time

How To Clear Distractions From Your Laptop is simple

You just don’t want to process it at the time

Dive in what’s in-front of you is so important

Now, you have a clear sense of what’s going on

Productivity will increase by tenfold

Time management, smart work, and processing

Are all on your side now.

It is an amazing feeling.

You feel like a new person because you have time on your side

Time is all we have as humans

Even though, time will ruin out on us one day

Maneuver from one task to the next and excel at it

Engineered a plan to succeed and stay focus upon a task ahead of you

Too many tabs slows down our decision process and can’t make us think straight

I believe everyone needs to hinder the choices they make when using the internet

We can so much done if we focused on the task at hand instead of getting sidetracked


How To Build A Successful Future

How To Build A Successful Future

Focus like your life depends on it

How to build a successful future can be a very vague topic

So, let’s dive deep into it

Now, some of you may already know the answer to what I am going to say

You have already instilled something into your head of living the life of your dreams

Feels like diving off a cliff with all this adrenaline rushing to your head

I’ll make this simple for you to understand

All it takes 3-4 hours of sheer focus

Then, you need to maximize your tasks

Even though, you may not think its enough

Essentially, it is enough

Complete the hard tasks first

Delegating tasks from most important to least will save you a lot of time

How to build a successful Future lies within everyone one of us

Feels like shooting a bow & arrow at a bullseye

Then, the amount of focus that goes behind that

You may be at the range for hours but not until you hit the target

That’s how it feels building the future of your dreams

Nobody ever said it was going to be an easy ride, you just have to do it

So, take action on whatever you want to start

It could be for that girl you like, a course, business opportunity, just do it

Now, not to mix anything up, the success is by focusing

Focusing for 3-4 hours a day can help that out

Minimize distractions and just go all in on tasks that you want to do

Most importantly, put away your phone

Putting away your phone can save you a lot of time

Unnecessary texts, phone calls, notifications, etc

All of those things feel like a dopamine rush to our heads once we see it

Even though, it may be important, it can wait

Just like receiving a text while driving

It can wait until all the tasks are done