If You’re Not Where You Want To Be In Life, Why Are You Chilling So Much?

Stop being so stagnant if you haven't reached your goals.

If You’re Not Where You Want To Be In Life, Why Are You Chilling So Much?

First, I do not want to come off as negative by saying this. Many people have mental health issues, family issues, etc. There are some things that are out of our control and you can only do so much. I don’t want to offend anyone with this. I do know that you can change your life with hard work, dedication, and discipline.

So, here’s the special question, why are we relaxing so much?

There can be plenty of reasons why we are and how we working towards our goals. It may take some people days, months, and even years.

Now, on to the real topic. If you’re just going through the motions of life, you need to stop relaxing and get a hold on to reality. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows or like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

We always have to look at the bigger picture and get to work. There’s no reason to relax mid way throughout the year. There is always something to work on and improve upon. Never think you’re completely done yet.

Even though, I am telling you this, I am been a victim of this as well. I want to relax and enjoy some free time but I am still in my teens. If I relax too much, all the goals and aspirations I put out for myself will just blow by in an instance.

My goal is to deliver value and to change your mindset and of course your life. There is no better feeling at the end of the day with that. I know what’s possible and how it can be done. Always remember that there is work to always to be done. Work is never over.

If you’re constantly scrolling and not learning anything or creating you need to take a hard look at yourself. Nobody told me to start a blog for others and to help people. You know why? I took initiative and did it on my own. It may not be perfected to its fullest potential but at least I didn’t chill and wonder what would happen if I made one. Now, do you see my point? We only have so much time on Earth and we don’t know what could happen. If you have dreams and goals its better to reach for the stars instead of living a life full of regret.

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