The World From My Lens : Photography Of The World

The world is so beautiful. So, the question is why do we take pictures? The Photography of the world is why we do. Although, we can only do so much. Next, we shouldn’t be using our phones. I’m not saying don’t use it. But, see the world with your own eyes. Then, you’ll truly be astonished. For example, the animals love this view of the world. Instead, of looking at the outside world. Pure beauty in it’s truest form. On the contrary, you should not take this for granted. The more you go outside, the better. It makes us happy to witness it. Generally, pollution on our planet is a big issue. Tons of waste and garbage crowd this earth. I can’t live with that. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear that. We only have one planet Earth.

Therefore, always keep it clean and healthy. For me and the sake of the Earth. Although, the problem is fixable.

It’s just us and nature and makes appreciative of the Earth we seemingly take for granted. Take care of the Earth as if it were your own child. Even though, we often decide to take it for granted which is behind me. Then, we decide to destroy the Earth. The Earth takes a beating from us constantly. Therefore, the photography of the world around us, isn’t visible. Dirty waters, polluted streams, dying trees, animals, etc. I could go on forever with this list. In Contrary, take care of yourself, your body, your mental, and last but not least, the Earth. Until next time, stay safe.

Beautiful Flowing River in Pennsylvania
Flowing River in Pennsylvania
The Washington,D.C. Temple in Kesington, Maryland.
Washington D.C. Temple in Kensington, Maryland
A wandering road in Maryland
Site Seeing in Maryland
Pikes Peak Summit in Colorado
Pikes Peak – Summit in Colorado
Site Seeing of a beautiful town in Woodbridge, Virginia
Site Seeing in Woodbridge, Virginia
The Raging Summers in Bronx,New York
Polo Ground Towers in Bronx, New York
Flowing Rivers of the Niagara Falls
Flowing Rivers of Niagara Falls, Canada