Why I Made This? A curious kid who wanted to learn more about the internet. That kid found blogging and ran with it, literally.
Why I Made This: An Opare Asihene Story

You’re Here, Might As Well Stay

Why I Made This: I welcome you to my blog site. I am here to say whatever I want, when I want, and luckily enough, the power of social media gives me the power to do so. Although, people may not care on what I have to say or care to read, I will still put out what I want to think. That was a corny ass introduction but you get the point. Now, you may not agree with the things I have to say or post. But it will make you think. Every blog is different but I will enlighten you to something new. Perspective allows us to see from the outside and into views. Your mind will open up. You will adapt.

Crazy to think I made this in High School looking up ways to make money online and my father making me write essays every week while I was in middle school acting as my second teacher and mentor but it helped me out to say the least. Now, you can see why I decide to write whenever I can. Not because I am forced anymore, because I want too.

I am just like any other person you meet but took a simple idea and decide to create this. Surprised people even read blogs anymore, let alone mine. This crazy idea brought me this far because of the power of the internet.

We live in a time where you can become your boss from a laptop and WiFi connection. Will be easy? No. Will you want to throw your phone at the wall, several times? Maybe. But if you work hard enough it can change your life. Just like this blog will hopefully do for mine.

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