Pure Art of Poetry

This is the The Art of Poetry.

The Art of Poetry is so rare in its true form. Each word has meaning to it and can show the masses of what you truly believe in as a person. Although, it’s subjective like any form of art. So, it’s in the eye of beholder to see what they find acceptable. Therefore, everyone is different and their taste would on suite them but, something about poetry makes you appreciate life more. Then, you began to realize, everything we do in everyday life is literally poetry. Philosophers,educators, historians, etc. Even some of the world’s first teachers study poetry and examine it. Now, you’re probably wondering, why I sound like a madman. The reason? Poetry tells a story within each stanza and each line you read.

Why It’s An Art

Therefore, it makes it an art. I will keep writing and expressing how I feel on a day to day basis. What I am saying may sound redundant but, it makes every poem you write worth while. Like every blog, article, news entry, etc. It will all come out as resourceful and informational. Depending on how you look at it and who the reader is. So, it only makes sense to make every poem like a work of art. So, comes the answer of how beautiful poetry actually is. I just love it and how creative you can get and nobody can you say anything wrong with your art. You know why? It’s not their work. More importantly, it can be relaxing to the soul to read.

For example, it feels like the ocean waves and the wind brushing the sand. With the use of imagery,you can create multiple scenarios in your head of what is going on and what is happening at the very moment. Although, readers may think what is going on in the work. So, it’s important to always leave them wondering.

[bctt tweet=”“It was at that age, that poetry came in search of me.” —Pablo Neruda ” username=”xomoneyman”]

This is the sole reason why I write poetry and why I need to express myself with it. This expresses my inner thoughts and beliefs on a day to day basis.

A poem wrote by me, the true art of poetry.