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A star was born and will continue to shine on the world. The Beautiful Mind of a creator and visionary

Expanding Your Thinking

I welcome you to my blog site. This site will encompass my thoughts and everything I am feeling. Although, my personal thoughts and feelings will primarily the focus of this blog. So, I will show you what you’re missing out on. Now, you may not agree with the things I have to say or post. But it will make you think. Every blog is different but I will enlighten you to something new. Perspective allows us to see from the outside and into views. Your mind will open up. You will adapt.

For example, I talk about topics the school system doesn’t. Literally, failing us before our very eyes. Then, they teach us things that won’t matter in 30+ years from now. It’s insane. Therefore, find what you love and let it kill you. Find something that you love and follow it. So, you can be happy doing what you love. Life is too short. Unfortunately, we take granted for the things we love to do.

They will tell us its only a hobby or won’t work out. For example, your interest may be photography or a sport. They will downplay you and say get a career. Now, it might be hard to achieve. But, that doesn’t mean not to go for it. Literally, you have your whole life to work for it. Why should you do something that makes you unhappy. So, pick something that makes you happy and never look back. It will be the best decision of your life.

I know you will be 100% percent.

Live a life you want to remember.

For yourself and not anyone else.

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