The Wandering Struggler

Struggling through this life with aspirations and a clear eye view that makes everything so vivid

Walking down gloomy hallways and dark passages to overcome the sadness that lies inbetween the Great Wall of desperation and the promised land

Wandering near and far, from town to town seeking something bigger than himself. Is it a dream? Is it money? Is it a woman? With no passing luck I have to battle the demons that linger inside my mind that overcompensate the everyday battles that make me truly think.

Through faith, perseverance, & a self fulfilling prophecy. You will be the wandering struggling yourself.

Wandering from job to job, town to town, new acquaintance to the next, you will feel the embarrassment & hard knocks that come your way. I have felt this recently & whenever I struggle it feels like this road of unhappiness and disbelief will never end.

Finding myself in solitude thinking how I can ever get of this deafening slumber that I am in. Will it get better? Will I learn from this experience? Indeed so. This struggle makes the journey what it’s worth and how we can bring ourselves together and how our emotional intelligence and mental capacity begin to intertwine. Our brain tells us something is hard and we want to give up automatically, but our body is forcing ourselves not to allow it.

We will wander for as long as we live. Wander to the end of the tunnel where we feel the soothing sun on our skin and look at the promised land that lies ahead of us.

We are all just wandering strugglers wandering for better, the road never stops until we actually decide to make it stop.

Keep going.

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Don’t Just Sit There! Start FINDING BALANCE

Society has a way of thinking what success truly is.

Is is exotic women, foreign cars, NFTS, or an absurd amount of crypto? Well, I would think I am set for life if I have all of those things.

But as of lately, you need balance.

Balance between getting drunk off your ass every weekend to mingle with women you will never see again to finding stocks that will keep financially sane in your office chair.

All I ever want to do is work my ass off since that is the quota for everyone in their early 20s, “ work hard now, enjoy later”. Sounds corny & cringe to an extent but everyone I see I don’t want to end up like has me thinking, I better start working like someone has put a bounty on my head.

Contrary to the fact, that working all the hard time seems very tiring because you just want a break from the world and don’t want to think about anything else.

I’ve been stuck in a mindset where I can’t relax because I am not where I am not in life but balance is what holds the mold together.

You can’t have a PB&J sandwich without one of the other. They have to go together or simply it won’t be the same.

I don’t have it all figured out but finding it will help me from falling into the ocean.

If you understood that metaphor, kudos to you.

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You Need To Hear This

Most people believe they have a lot of time on their hands. 

You don’t have it. 

Start your own company. Make a family for yourself. Take that journey. Make some cash. Assist others. Make friends with others. Purchase some land. Construct a home. Simply put, DO MORE. 

Before you realize it, your life is over.

Did not want to this to scare you but you anything can happen in life.

Everything you can dream of or wanted to be, make sure you do everything in one possible lifetime.

As Nike would say in every commercial they advertise, Just do it.

How People View You

Social media has completely taken over are lives like we are in another reality.

People posting infographics about racial inequalities of people acting like they care but the same energy disappears a week later

I promise we didn’t follow you for your political opinion but now you’re just follower acting like you care about social issues, stop it.

People will tell you right from wrong thinking they know everything off the basis of them watching CNN, FOX, or some other news station. Do you actually know politics or do you listen to your parents speak about politics so you can seem correct?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot & as humans, we need to heal & connect. A documentary called “The Social Dilemma” really puts everything perspective of what I’m talking about.

If this offends you in any way shape or form. I am not sorry and will never be sorry for speaking my mind and how I feel.

We also have people posting naked on Social media platforms and have millionaires looting stores from Black Lives Matter movements and decide to make a music video afterwards. The funny part about that is more or less we want people to view us in a certain light.

Do I necessarily care? Not at all. But am I talking about it right now? Well, obviously…

Asides the point, people will never meet your exact expectations of how you want them to be and how you need them to act.

We are built off attention and being desired for my generation. Social media has been bigger than its even been. We will see tik tok dances of the president trying to get his message across to the country.

We try so hard for knowing how people view us, we just act however we want & not have to fit societal norms.

It is unrealistic to expect people to see you as yourself”- Epictetus

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The Deranged Creative

Trapped in the crevice of my mind thinking what’s the purpose of this meaningful creation in front of me?

Does this product provide value to others or is this some lingering thought in the back of my mind that was needed to be brought out?

Deep down, I am often seen as crazy. Locked in a cage with my thoughts and seen that the narrative of being different, weird, odd, will make me an outcast of society.

People will question me for the things I truly want to create and they perceive me as something that I am not.

All of the thoughts, deepest desires make me sound as if I’m Edgar Allen Poe or need to be in the psych ward.

Well, do I?

Creatives have a side to them nobody else can picture or imagine what they’re going through. My frontal lobe is making me twitch my thumbs or pickup a paint brush that’s right in front of me.

See, I sound like a belong in a psych ward but is anyone even reading these things? The fantasy that lies in my mind is something beyond reach of me day dreaming the day and everything else that comes with it.

Reading this makes me sound completely average to the norm or do I sound like some “woke” person just cause I read books and podcast my thoughts and feelings to the world?

Nobody ever truly knows.

That’s why he’s the deranged creative.

People think he’s out of the norm or just too crazy to grasp concepts of what the average person is thinking on a day to day basis.

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Life As A Man

Author –

I wanted to address what my friend Jack white said. A one of a kind email marketer, inspiration & even better person. If you have anything to do with e-commerce, life advice, email marketing.. I suggest you check him out.

He’s the reason for this post today. I keep reading it and realizing of how much sense it makes of what mental health struggles men go through in their daily lives.

Everyone expects men to go on w their life and be as strong as the eye can see but are they really? Men don’t speak as often as they need too and it hurts.

Men die from suicide at an alarming rate from this and at the end of the day it’s life.

This is the truth and the reality of it. We don’t understand why it happens that’s just what society tells us and how they expect us to feel when it does. We hope we can solve this narrative and get help for those who need it.

Anyone struggling with depression, anxiety or any type of negative thoughts, I am with you and will always be with you.

Hard Times

The hard times makes the people we see in our dreams

From magazines, billboards, sports ads, we see it all.

Do you know what we see?

We see people who eventually become our idols and become everlasting inspirations since we were kids.

That little kid in us is always being inspired.

Always being cut, bruised by some object of some sort that always end up hurting us.

Crying to our parents to tell them to make the pain go away and so we be in the comfort of their arms.

No we grow with each passing day in hopes of becoming the reality of our minds.

The dreams.

The dream state where we day dream all of realities in the subconscious in hopes of us becoming what we actually want to become.

But, in order to enjoy the good, we just endure the hard times.

The hard times is what makes us.

Failures, disappointments, & setbacks.

The hard times is what the human skin is layered of.

In our DNA lies hard times & how we get to certain states of our life.

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Wake Up.

– You didn’t do that workout. 
– That project you’ve been putting off. 
– That girl you haven’t asked out yet. 

All of them are minor LOSSES. 

To you, they may appear to be “nothing” today. 

You’ll notice one day when you wake up. 

Success Builds on itself. Failure has a similar effect.

Please don’t notice when it’s too late because by then you will be wishing of what you could’ve done.

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