Opinions Of Others

The more successful you become, the less interested you are in what others think of you. Opinions become less and less important as you gain more self-validation through fulfilling goals.

Essentially, all you care about is what you can do to help yourself and those around you.

That’s what is the most important thing in this life, more important than anything materialistic and of money. You should want to be remembered for what you did on this earth instead of the money you make because at the end of the day, you can’t take it to the grave with you.

Nobody will care as much for the money you made, the cars you had, or your materialistic position. It will be about if you created an impact on the lives of others and those around you.

That’s what I’m striving for. So, the next time you worry about someone’s opinion for you doing something, block it out because it’s not going to be of importance to you.

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They All Watch

As the Nike slogan says, “ Just Do It” and also as Shia LeBouf says in the that one video of saying “Just Do It”.

We should be doing what we want to do. The reason for that is time is ticking away and you know tomorrow is never promised.

The chances you’re ready to do something new or invest in something new is 0 to none.

It’s human nature to do something for the first time & to not to be ready for something.

It happens to the best of us. So, whoever is not getting as many likes or comments on their blog posts or their content that they create, it’s alright.

Keep putting your work out there.

most people do not like or comment-


That is right, we tend to watch work we see and not support. Whatever the case maybe, keep putting work out there. You will find your audience someday that it caters too.

I used to feel this way when it comes to putting out my blog posts. 1 view a day and it kept repetitive. I almost wanted to quit and never write anything again.

But, that’s not who I am. I am not someone who falls down when it gets tough. Just simply need to rethink the strategy of what I am doing wrong and how to rethink my branding of who I am as a blog. The more and more you write, it will find the people that needs to find.

Now, I am starting to get more views on my blog for someone who doesn’t have 100 or 1000s of followers on it.

People will watch & lurk regardless of the thing see do.

Eyes in the shadows watching & surveying our every move from afar without saying a word.

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You’re Only Your Age Once

You listening? Good.

Everyday you don’t work on the things that you do, it goes by.

You‘re only your age once. That means each day that passes by you lose valuable time.

I’m not hear to scare you I’m just hear to say it

It’s literally what I need to what hear as well

All these projects I’m consistently work on will mean something bigger than myself when it’s all said & done

What you’re witnessing right here is art. Art is very subjective to many & right here is my art.

It may be sports, business, painting for others but this here, is my art. Day by day I think about how I can improve my writing day by day.

Take this in and work hard because you never know when life can cut short at a moments notice

Don’t let the days go by because one day you’ll will truly regret.

That’s all I have to say, until next time my friends.

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The Vivid Dreamer

As dusk starts to hit dawn, the vivid dreamer pictures what his life could be.

Picturing all the wildest possibilities of what could be but isn’t.

That’s because he’s the vivid dreamer.

Day dreaming endless possibilities of what his life could be by hard work & discipline.

Are you that vivid dreamer?

Dreaming what you could be but aren’t quite exactly there yet?

Well, I have news for you. We all are vivid dreamers.

There is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it may seem.

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You Can Have Fun & Be Successful

There’s a myth where you have to work all the time to see progression & results. Well, to a point that’s correct but also incorrect. We can’t spend all of time doing hard work because we will eventually burn out. That burnout will cause us stress and we will feel unmotivated to other things throughout the course of the day. So, the only option we have is to have fun.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun and living your life. Go out for a drink, talk to that girl, go jet ski. Whatever your definition of fun is, do it! Whether you’re 18,23, or 30. We see people wasting their lives away going for a dream. Now, it’s understandable for why they do that but they’re delaying their gratification. Cut yourself some slack. We aren’t robots or artificial intelligence.

Here’s a little episode from a podcast that shows my reasoning on why you need to take breaks & to enjoy life. It’s very possible to be successful and to have fun at the same time.

Click the link below & I’ll explain why it is:

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Life Has No Rules: Create & Enjoy

Life has no rules. It’s like when the movie Purge came out.

There were no rules for us to follow & abide by. You just create and enjoy the course of action that’s going to happen.

Life is unprecedented & unexpected. The person you love the most can die the next moment & you can wake up the best news of your life tomorrow.

See? That’s how crazy life is, anything can happen & literally you won’t expect half the things you plan out to come true.

Life is harder than we make it and the rules we create our governed by us. If you think about it, life is harder than we make it which is funny to think about. If life is this hard to live, then death must be easy. Not trying to contradict to a point but our capitalistic society make us take materialistic things more important than we actually know.

Rules are important so an outbreak & riots don’t disturb the piece but most rules take most power in the system. So, we have to decide what we are truly following. Once you think about it, we can really do whatever we want.

Create to inspire and to be remembered for what you truly want. That’s the true meaning of life. Insanity of doing something only you find pride in is crazy to think about. Clarity of a situation in the moment of thinking it was impossible.

We are just particles in a space of matter.

There’s gotta be more to life than just pointless schooling & working forever. Creating less than your potential is disrespectful to those that believe in you.

Create your own set of rules.

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The Power of Dreaming Big

They say dream so big you can move mountains.

That’s exactly what you should do. Dream big as the eye can see. Positive speaking, mantras, affirmations all come with dreaming big and the desire of accomplishing a feat worth a lifetime.

If you’re not speaking positively in everything you do it’s embarrassing to yourself & everyone around us. We all know we can’t speak positive affirmations all the time & have to be realistic.

On the contrary, what’s the worst that can happen by dreaming big? As big as the largest building in the world & dream higher than Wiz Khalifa. Literally, he’s high as a kite everyday.

No matter the ethnicity, race, history you have, dreams are for the believers. The craziest people in history had dreams & guess what? None believed them. Now, some of the most iconic people in history & role models for some.

Have to put some work behind that prayer. If not, it’s just a thought flowing in thin air. Ask yourself these questions as you go through out your daily life,

Dream like you’re Peter Pan except you’re not in Neverland. As cheesy as this might sound. Have to keep on keep going.

Dream big as if you’re going to die tomorrow.

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The Life We Chose

Is this the life we chose?

Or did this life choose us?

Moreover, the story is still being written

Flying throughout the night like a Griffin

You would think that they’re hidden

I’m just kidding about the current bidding

All our stories are still being written.

Day by day is how we need to take things

Life is unexpected and we may not know what it might bring

It’s just a whole spectacle of things

Is this the life we chose?

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