Life Has No Rules: Create & Enjoy

Life has no rules. It’s like when the movie Purge came out.

There were no rules for us to follow & abide by. You just create and enjoy the course of action that’s going to happen.

Life is unprecedented & unexpected. The person you love the most can die the next moment & you can wake up the best news of your life tomorrow.

See? That’s how crazy life is, anything can happen & literally you won’t expect half the things you plan out to come true.

Life is harder than we make it and the rules we create our governed by us. If you think about it, life is harder than we make it which is funny to think about. If life is this hard to live, then death must be easy. Not trying to contradict to a point but our capitalistic society make us take materialistic things more important than we actually know.

Rules are important so an outbreak & riots don’t disturb the piece but most rules take most power in the system. So, we have to decide what we are truly following. Once you think about it, we can really do whatever we want.

Create to inspire and to be remembered for what you truly want. That’s the true meaning of life. Insanity of doing something only you find pride in is crazy to think about. Clarity of a situation in the moment of thinking it was impossible.

We are just particles in a space of matter.

There’s gotta be more to life than just pointless schooling & working forever. Creating less than your potential is disrespectful to those that believe in you.

Create your own set of rules.

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