Hard Times

The hard times makes the people we see in our dreams

From magazines, billboards, sports ads, we see it all.

Do you know what we see?

We see people who eventually become our idols and become everlasting inspirations since we were kids.

That little kid in us is always being inspired.

Always being cut, bruised by some object of some sort that always end up hurting us.

Crying to our parents to tell them to make the pain go away and so we be in the comfort of their arms.

No we grow with each passing day in hopes of becoming the reality of our minds.

The dreams.

The dream state where we day dream all of realities in the subconscious in hopes of us becoming what we actually want to become.

But, in order to enjoy the good, we just endure the hard times.

The hard times is what makes us.

Failures, disappointments, & setbacks.

The hard times is what the human skin is layered of.

In our DNA lies hard times & how we get to certain states of our life.

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You’re Only Your Age Once

You listening? Good.

Everyday you don’t work on the things that you do, it goes by.

You‘re only your age once. That means each day that passes by you lose valuable time.

I’m not hear to scare you I’m just hear to say it

It’s literally what I need to what hear as well

All these projects I’m consistently work on will mean something bigger than myself when it’s all said & done

What you’re witnessing right here is art. Art is very subjective to many & right here is my art.

It may be sports, business, painting for others but this here, is my art. Day by day I think about how I can improve my writing day by day.

Take this in and work hard because you never know when life can cut short at a moments notice

Don’t let the days go by because one day you’ll will truly regret.

That’s all I have to say, until next time my friends.

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The Vivid Dreamer

As dusk starts to hit dawn, the vivid dreamer pictures what his life could be.

Picturing all the wildest possibilities of what could be but isn’t.

That’s because he’s the vivid dreamer.

Day dreaming endless possibilities of what his life could be by hard work & discipline.

Are you that vivid dreamer?

Dreaming what you could be but aren’t quite exactly there yet?

Well, I have news for you. We all are vivid dreamers.

There is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it may seem.

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Life Has No Rules: Create & Enjoy

Life has no rules. It’s like when the movie Purge came out.

There were no rules for us to follow & abide by. You just create and enjoy the course of action that’s going to happen.

Life is unprecedented & unexpected. The person you love the most can die the next moment & you can wake up the best news of your life tomorrow.

See? That’s how crazy life is, anything can happen & literally you won’t expect half the things you plan out to come true.

Life is harder than we make it and the rules we create our governed by us. If you think about it, life is harder than we make it which is funny to think about. If life is this hard to live, then death must be easy. Not trying to contradict to a point but our capitalistic society make us take materialistic things more important than we actually know.

Rules are important so an outbreak & riots don’t disturb the piece but most rules take most power in the system. So, we have to decide what we are truly following. Once you think about it, we can really do whatever we want.

Create to inspire and to be remembered for what you truly want. That’s the true meaning of life. Insanity of doing something only you find pride in is crazy to think about. Clarity of a situation in the moment of thinking it was impossible.

We are just particles in a space of matter.

There’s gotta be more to life than just pointless schooling & working forever. Creating less than your potential is disrespectful to those that believe in you.

Create your own set of rules.

Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

Our Inner Child

When we start to grow older, we lose sight of our inner child.

Essentially, that means our creativity as people can start to diminish & aren’t as lively as we need to be.

Never lose sight of that creative spark that made you into the person that you currently are today. That spark could be playing the piano, painting, writing, drawing, etc.

The reason most people give up on these things because they see it as a waste of time or it won’t make them money. All of that is true is to an extent but never the case. We just lose the joy in doing it.

Thanks to James Pond @jamesponddotco for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Now, fast forward when you have children. You might not want to imagine that sight just yet but, the same occurrence might happen to your kids as well. They have to be do things that they genuinely enjoy doing.

Smear your face with paint, draw that fish, and play D minor. Do what makes you happy.

Money is a tool that can change the course of lives but what’s the point of doing things that don’t make us happy? I mean seriously, I do this cause I love it. Regardless of my following, I can type away of what I think clear and not what others think of my work.

My inner genius comes out and feel as if I’m Albert Einstein on a notepad. This is the feeling I never want to lose ever and I mean that on everything I have within me.

Never lose the inner child.

Because once you lose the inner child, there’s no coming back and going to get after all. We can’t be young forever, so we have to use our creative juices while we are still on this beautiful planet we have right in front of us.

That’s the glory of it all.

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Am I Inspired?

Am I Inspired?

Now, this is the question you need to ask yourself when you wake up in the morning.

Ready to seize the day in full-force and attack any problem in your way.

Although, that question all starts with us.

Asking yourself this question will be the sole source of motivation that keeps you hungry throughout the day.

So, ask yourself this, how can you work doing what you enjoy?

Be as inspirational as a dog chasing a squirrel.

This pandemic has showed me alot about the truth about work ethic.

Working hard enough isn’t enough at all.

Grinding our asses off will set the tone of how our week can play out.

It asks the question.

Am I Inspired?
Curosity of Inspiration

Next, use that question to fuel you.

So, you don’t have to go repeating the same mistakes as before.

Even though, you will ask that question a lot, remember it.

Am I inspired?

A hunting pack of wolves never questions inspiration.

They kill anything in their way of their hunt.

So, you need to do the same.

Destroy anything anything that’s in the way of your goals.

Then, everything will start to make sense.

Next, it will apply to areas of your life.

School, work, fitness, etc.

We don’t even realize it but it will work for us.

Then, you will feel on top of the world.

Lastly, there will be days where we feel down.

Down physically and mentally.

Now, I am not scaring you.

I am just letting you know what might happen.

It will keep us humble and grounded.

Meanwhile, your friends will be struggling to find inspiration.

So, do everything in your power to make that true.

Find and never it let it go.

We often find inspiration in everyday things believe it or not.

Lack Of Posting

Hello everyone!

I have been busy with trying to get mentorship and work with my university work as well as being a D1 athlete. I apologize for the lack of content on my end. I will began to put out more content on my end and give you guys the best each and everyday.

Want to win in life? Take Action

Want to win in life? Take Action.
NThe first step is always the hardest but will always be worth it

The only way to win in life is to take action.

We often want to do very well in life.

For example, think of it as a race.

The best car wants to win and we want to cheer them on.

But the thing is, nobody saw the work we put behind it.

Nonetheless, taking action shows RESULTS.

That’s the result of human action and accomplishment and why so many successful people the way they’re.

They take action.

Not sitting around all day and thinking how they will accomplish a certain task but just by doing it.

But many say, ” what if I fail?”.

Trial & Error ladies and gentlemen.

So, the next time you feel hesitant about something, just do it, as Nike Says.

I am always thinking about something to do but get riled up and hesitant to try.

It’s better than before but it can always improve.

Then, once you take action it will become second nature.

Life is a game that you have to play smart

Taking risks always come with the game and that’s what makes it great

Take action and do something different today

Being in quarantine isn’t a excuse to watch Netflix and do something in unproductive all day

Because it pushes you back a step back from the life you want to live.

Taking action = results & memories that will last a life time

Be happy for the change you’re about to make.

Whatever is meant for you, will arrive in due time

We often think, ” how come I’m not blessed like her or him”

Then think to ourselves why we should be blessed with materialistic things in our lives.

To put this in perspective.

It will come.

We have to let life take it’s course sometimes.

We can’t always have our way and the things we want won’t always be ours.

There is a quote that I stand by for affirmations like this

Let it come and let it go

So whatever blessing may come in your lifetime that you’re magically unexpected or expected will come with hard work and diligence

We want to rush things that aren’t often for us and things that may disturbed our peace

Good things will come into your life that you deserve and whatever you deserve will come.

Never forget that as long as you live.