Hard Times

The hard times makes the people we see in our dreams

From magazines, billboards, sports ads, we see it all.

Do you know what we see?

We see people who eventually become our idols and become everlasting inspirations since we were kids.

That little kid in us is always being inspired.

Always being cut, bruised by some object of some sort that always end up hurting us.

Crying to our parents to tell them to make the pain go away and so we be in the comfort of their arms.

No we grow with each passing day in hopes of becoming the reality of our minds.

The dreams.

The dream state where we day dream all of realities in the subconscious in hopes of us becoming what we actually want to become.

But, in order to enjoy the good, we just endure the hard times.

The hard times is what makes us.

Failures, disappointments, & setbacks.

The hard times is what the human skin is layered of.

In our DNA lies hard times & how we get to certain states of our life.

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