They All Watch

As the Nike slogan says, “ Just Do It” and also as Shia LeBouf says in the that one video of saying “Just Do It”.

We should be doing what we want to do. The reason for that is time is ticking away and you know tomorrow is never promised.

The chances you’re ready to do something new or invest in something new is 0 to none.

It’s human nature to do something for the first time & to not to be ready for something.

It happens to the best of us. So, whoever is not getting as many likes or comments on their blog posts or their content that they create, it’s alright.

Keep putting your work out there.

most people do not like or comment-


That is right, we tend to watch work we see and not support. Whatever the case maybe, keep putting work out there. You will find your audience someday that it caters too.

I used to feel this way when it comes to putting out my blog posts. 1 view a day and it kept repetitive. I almost wanted to quit and never write anything again.

But, that’s not who I am. I am not someone who falls down when it gets tough. Just simply need to rethink the strategy of what I am doing wrong and how to rethink my branding of who I am as a blog. The more and more you write, it will find the people that needs to find.

Now, I am starting to get more views on my blog for someone who doesn’t have 100 or 1000s of followers on it.

People will watch & lurk regardless of the thing see do.

Eyes in the shadows watching & surveying our every move from afar without saying a word.

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