Why Mentors Are Needed

Why Mentors Are Needed

How Mentors Can Help You

Why mentors are needed is a simple statement

So, let me tell you why.

Mentors can either make or break your success.

They will do everything in their power to help you win. Kicking doors down like a madman on WWE.

Then, we see why every millionaire and billionaire has gotten where they’re at.

You can’t build a monument in a day or a week. It takes time.

Kicking a wooden plank in karate feels like a struggle. But, there’s an instructor for a reason.

They may yell and instruct you on how to do it but it’s to help you.

Mentorship is a building block to success

Why are mentors are needed explains what I am saying.

Words of encouragement and helping is to keep going.

Diving in a pool and fighting the water against your will won’t help. You will drown.

Unless, you get some help. It will feel like you’re not ready for the challenge until help comes along.

The mentor will give you instructions and create boundaries that we cannot set for ourselves.

Now, you feel like breaking a door down. Chasing something greater than yourself.

The mentor will carry you to new connections and new heights.

Heights that will touch Zeus and will make you feel godly.

Reach for the stars so you can land on the moon.

So, a mentor doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all.

I have made an investment to myself to get better.

Mentorship will deliver a new level into my life.

Considers me as an apprentice for their work and will teach me their ways.

I admire people who are doing better than me and want more.

Basically, the top 1% percent of people is who I try to mirror.

Improving their quality to show us that literally anything is possible.

In short, mentors will want to see you win.