Is Isolation necessary for success?

Now, the road to success can be a very lonely one.

So lonely that people cut ties with their immediate friends, family, roomates, etc.

I understand that you need to stay focus and attack the main goal but is it worth it?

Not necessarily.

It might be perhaps to be true for one area of your life.

We hear these myths of being alone and needing to being by yourself to be successful in life

Successful figures like Kayne or Elon did things like this to win in life. Now, you may want to be like them but truth is.

99% of people will never will. Just focus one area of your life if you need to isolate.

All distractions and things that keep you distracted on a day to day basis.

So, isolation isn’t even needed at all.

Our mind and thoughts confined in a cell that keeps us isolated.

Isolation will make you crazy to believe it or not.

I’ve tried it before and it wasn’t too bad because I am usually by myself half of the time.

You don’t need to isolate because it really doesn’t do anything to help you succeed.

It will do the exact opposite.

I am not your financial advisor or a therapist of any sort. So, isolation is never needed to complete any goal you have in mind.

Be around the people you love and do it frequently because it’s what you are made for.

Being around those who actually care about you and want you to win.

So, if you need to isolate, do it for an area of your life that NEEDS improvement.

Then, you’ll see the change you’ve always wanted to see.