Our Inner Child

When we start to grow older, we lose sight of our inner child.

Essentially, that means our creativity as people can start to diminish & aren’t as lively as we need to be.

Never lose sight of that creative spark that made you into the person that you currently are today. That spark could be playing the piano, painting, writing, drawing, etc.

The reason most people give up on these things because they see it as a waste of time or it won’t make them money. All of that is true is to an extent but never the case. We just lose the joy in doing it.

Thanks to James Pond @jamesponddotco for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁

Now, fast forward when you have children. You might not want to imagine that sight just yet but, the same occurrence might happen to your kids as well. They have to be do things that they genuinely enjoy doing.

Smear your face with paint, draw that fish, and play D minor. Do what makes you happy.

Money is a tool that can change the course of lives but what’s the point of doing things that don’t make us happy? I mean seriously, I do this cause I love it. Regardless of my following, I can type away of what I think clear and not what others think of my work.

My inner genius comes out and feel as if I’m Albert Einstein on a notepad. This is the feeling I never want to lose ever and I mean that on everything I have within me.

Never lose the inner child.

Because once you lose the inner child, there’s no coming back and going to get after all. We can’t be young forever, so we have to use our creative juices while we are still on this beautiful planet we have right in front of us.

That’s the glory of it all.

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How To Master Productivity

Now, this is a very controversial subject to talk about.

You can look up on the internet about productivity and ways to stay focused.

The human mind always seems to linger around and do things that keep us off track and into another reality.

Even though that is true, this one simple thing will help out in the long run

It’s not time management, working harder, or even watching motivational videos

It’s about resting as much as you work.

Yes, that may seem hard for some of y’all but you need to rest as much as y’all work.

Rest is a vital component for the human body.

Without rest we wouldn’t be where we we today.

The rest is just as important as the work

Your body, mind, soul all need rest

Hence, you see the same people tired all the time.

We are just not resting enough for our bodies to adapt to our hard schedules and routines we do daily

So, rest as much as you can and whenever you can

Rest as much as you work.

It will increase productivity by ten-fold.

Listen to your body as much as you need too. It’s a temple after all and way you treat it makes all the difference at the end of the day.

We always want to work and get these things which is understandable but, we need rest.

Why you think people sleep for a lunch break or take naps?

It’s to get some rest.

Rest doesn’t mean anything for working unless you rest.

Now, do me a favor and rest.

Is Isolation necessary for success?

Is isolation really needed for success? The truth behind it lies here

Now, the road to success can be a very lonely one.

So lonely that people cut ties with their immediate friends, family, roomates, etc.

I understand that you need to stay focus and attack the main goal but is it worth it?

Not necessarily.

It might be perhaps to be true for one area of your life.

We hear these myths of being alone and needing to being by yourself to be successful in life

Successful figures like Kayne or Elon did things like this to win in life. Now, you may want to be like them but truth is.

99% of people will never will. Just focus one area of your life if you need to isolate.

All distractions and things that keep you distracted on a day to day basis.

So, isolation isn’t even needed at all.

Our mind and thoughts confined in a cell that keeps us isolated.

Isolation will make you crazy to believe it or not.

I’ve tried it before and it wasn’t too bad because I am usually by myself half of the time.

You don’t need to isolate because it really doesn’t do anything to help you succeed.

It will do the exact opposite.

I am not your financial advisor or a therapist of any sort. So, isolation is never needed to complete any goal you have in mind.

Be around the people you love and do it frequently because it’s what you are made for.

Being around those who actually care about you and want you to win.

So, if you need to isolate, do it for an area of your life that NEEDS improvement.

Then, you’ll see the change you’ve always wanted to see.

Stay The Course

We often drift in the water like a water bug

Flowing into the next part of our destination not knowing where we will end up next. That’s the thing about life.

We always tend to drift away from things we want to accomplish and love. That’s the problem with people who want to become successful and build something for themselves.

It didn’t take some people 10-15 years until they got their level of success that they’re at right now. You know why? They stay the course.

Everything that they do, they make sure it’s a step closer to their goals and make people want to know they will do anything in their power to accomplish those goals set our for themselves.

Now, ask yourself this question, where do you want to see yourself in the future 5-10 years from now. It could be sunny, a high rise apartment, freedom, etc. Imagine the life you want to live right now.

While, your friends who wasted their life away not working hard enough to get where they’re right now.

Do not be those guys. Keep going, it will be worth it.

Stay the course. Via – visualizevalue

I have been blogging for a year now but haven’t been consistent about it. It can explain why I only have 3 WordPress followers but, you know why I haven’t been successful as much as I would have like to?

I am not staying the course. Also, I am not committed enough to keep going and to preserve through the hardships I go through.

This can build the foundation you want to set out for yourself for the rest of your life.

Get it done, no matter how hard it is.

Stay the course.

July Summer Workouts

July Summer Workouts

Summer Workouts or more importantly, July Summer Workouts are crucial.

Crucial to changing your body and your mindset. Then, you’ll start to see results that you have never seen before. Next, you will implement these workouts in your daily life. Attacking each and everyday head on like a superhero. So, let’s get to it.

For example, the workout that I will be showing is wall sits, chair dips, and reach ups. Next, you will repeat these workouts for 30 or 31 days in the month. Working out may be hard for some people. It’s totally to feel that way at first. Even though, it might be hard, you shouldn’t give up.

Now, you will start to feel soreness and pain in your body. That’s completely normal the first couple of days. It’s going to be an uphill battle. So, picture like you’re fighting a monster in a game.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is give up each time you fail. So, let’s change that mindset of yours. Picture your body looking toned and muscular. This is manifestation. Manifestation is picturing future events in your head. Then, you will start to see change. Moreover, it helps with working towards your goals.

Any of this won’t happen without WORK. Work will make that dream come to a reality determining your fitness goals. In short, you can be the skinniest, strongest, or most flexible person. If you don’t put in the work, it will never happen.

Now, you have been doing this routine for months and you start seeing a little success. Subsequently, you don’t feel like your old-self. You know why? It’s because your hard work is paying off. Keep following the routine and your hard work will forever be in your favor.

So, I am here to say, never give up. Keep failing. It means you’re moving forward with your goals.

Follow this routine everyday and you’ll be happy with your results


Imagination is the indulgence of our information

Imagination is a path to the life we want

Our imagination is our biggest gift in this life.

We consciously spend 30% of our time day dreaming. It is said that we fall asleep dreaming about perfect scenarios in our head. Truly, we want to find what makes our mind so great.

Today, I will be telling you how imagination can get you everything you want in this life.

For example, let’s say you won the lottery. The big money cash prize of $1 Billion dollars. Take it all in. Although, you may think its fake, you actually won. All the green money that you see on the table. As your eyes open up and see the big money prize in front of you. All the cheers and crowds from the room make you go ecstatic. Then, all of a sudden you wake up from that dream. True manifestation of you holding money with and a dream coming to life.

Now, here is the part, where you have to, get truly obsessed. The idea of winning.

The man who has no imagination has no wings.”

This may seem like a lunatic thing to do but its not. It’s rational. This may seem like you’re suffering from addiction but it’s clearly an obsessed.

Seriously, get obsessed. Think about it everyday. Morning and night. Every single second until as long as you live. You can probably hear the crowd clapping and cheering for you now. You’re going to keep thinking about it until it happens.

All riled up and excited. The feelings of butterflies in chest making you cheerful and anxious. Remember this feeling as long as you live. Don’t hold any of this back at all. You will try to convince yourself that none of this is worth it. That’s where you’re wrong.

Truly, worth all the pain and suffering you will go through. It will feel like a drug and and more importantly a good one. It will make you stare at a wall thinking if it will ever happen. You will have trouble seeing if this manifestation will ever come true.

Then, you’ll ask the universe if you asked for too much.

The universe will say, “I’m guiding you to what you deserve”

Of course, you might feel angry it didn’t happen. But, you did ask for alot, maybe more than you can handle. You will ask again and again. The universe may give you a portion of it if you’re lucky.

Now, here is where others give up. They don’t really chase after their dream but, stop working for it. Now, we are real with ourselves 24/7 and want the best for ourselves. As soon as, you feel like it’s impossible to complete, it’s over. Then, you’ll start having doubts on why you even dreamed that much.

Many people hold on to their dreams but, don’t do anything. Don’t be one of those people. That’s where our dreams die and fade out. They think it’s out of arms reach and call it the “impossible”. The problem is you’re not good enough.


And you’ll slowly start to develop the skills to make that dream happen. Next, your brain will wire all that information to make it actually happen. Any other person would have have quit and never tried again. But, you’re not just any other person. You’re a go getter. Literally, an obsessed lunatic to make your dreams work.

Then, when it finally works.

Furthermore, your obsession will be back.

Obsessed with changing your life.

The universe will keep testing you to see if you’re persistent enough to make it happen.

Although, it may be hard. You never stop trying until it happens.

Now, the figment of your imagination has turned into a reality. All the manifestation and hard work is possible and turned out fine. Nothing is as beautiful as you imagine. The feelings fade away pretty quickly. Now, you’re afraid you will lose it all. Or becoming more confident and less shy with the person you’re. Subsequently, you see what type person you want to be.

Then, it will all make sense.

If you actually achieve the goal and aren’t lucky. Your mentality will change and how you see the world. Moreover, you’ll see the abundance in the universe and everything it s giving you. See that life is about doing more and more and how much it offers us.

In conclusion, we will make those dreams work.

The Scary Truth About Life

Life is scary.

We don’t know how or when we will die.

This precious life could be taken from us at any given moment and nobody will save you.

Not your parents, mentor,friends, and close family.

You may be confused about what I am saying right now but what I am trying to say nobody in this world will save you.

Michael Jordan, the most prolific player, of our generation worked for everything he has in this life but wasn’t always the top player like he is today.

He got cut from his school team and was devasted to say the least. That was the only thing that was one his mind and even his Mom told him to get better so he had a chance to leave him behind.

Now look where he’s at now.

In today’s generation, parents would baby their son’s or daughter’s saying they earned it or deserve a chance but in reality, they don’t.

Nothing is given in this life.

No one is coming to save you, get better, and don’t change the standard of your goals.

Always set them a bar higher than before. You will be glad you did and in this life the only person capable of reaching those goals will only be you and you only.

Work hard in silence and show them why they shouldn’t count you out.

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