How To Master Productivity

Now, this is a very controversial subject to talk about.

You can look up on the internet about productivity and ways to stay focused.

The human mind always seems to linger around and do things that keep us off track and into another reality.

Even though that is true, this one simple thing will help out in the long run

It’s not time management, working harder, or even watching motivational videos

It’s about resting as much as you work.

Yes, that may seem hard for some of y’all but you need to rest as much as y’all work.

Rest is a vital component for the human body.

Without rest we wouldn’t be where we we today.

The rest is just as important as the work

Your body, mind, soul all need rest

Hence, you see the same people tired all the time.

We are just not resting enough for our bodies to adapt to our hard schedules and routines we do daily

So, rest as much as you can and whenever you can

Rest as much as you work.

It will increase productivity by ten-fold.

Listen to your body as much as you need too. It’s a temple after all and way you treat it makes all the difference at the end of the day.

We always want to work and get these things which is understandable but, we need rest.

Why you think people sleep for a lunch break or take naps?

It’s to get some rest.

Rest doesn’t mean anything for working unless you rest.

Now, do me a favor and rest.