Our Inner Child

When we start to grow older, we lose sight of our inner child.

Essentially, that means our creativity as people can start to diminish & aren’t as lively as we need to be.

Never lose sight of that creative spark that made you into the person that you currently are today. That spark could be playing the piano, painting, writing, drawing, etc.

The reason most people give up on these things because they see it as a waste of time or it won’t make them money. All of that is true is to an extent but never the case. We just lose the joy in doing it.

Thanks to James Pond @jamesponddotco for making this photo available freely on Unsplash ?

Now, fast forward when you have children. You might not want to imagine that sight just yet but, the same occurrence might happen to your kids as well. They have to be do things that they genuinely enjoy doing.

Smear your face with paint, draw that fish, and play D minor. Do what makes you happy.

Money is a tool that can change the course of lives but what’s the point of doing things that don’t make us happy? I mean seriously, I do this cause I love it. Regardless of my following, I can type away of what I think clear and not what others think of my work.

My inner genius comes out and feel as if I’m Albert Einstein on a notepad. This is the feeling I never want to lose ever and I mean that on everything I have within me.

Never lose the inner child.

Because once you lose the inner child, there’s no coming back and going to get after all. We can’t be young forever, so we have to use our creative juices while we are still on this beautiful planet we have right in front of us.

That’s the glory of it all.

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    1. This is the reason why we should escape the rat race of life and shouldn’t bury our inner child! I’m happy you enjoyed my post !

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