Stay The Course

We often drift in the water like a water bug

Flowing into the next part of our destination not knowing where we will end up next. That’s the thing about life.

We always tend to drift away from things we want to accomplish and love. That’s the problem with people who want to become successful and build something for themselves.

It didn’t take some people 10-15 years until they got their level of success that they’re at right now. You know why? They stay the course.

Everything that they do, they make sure it’s a step closer to their goals and make people want to know they will do anything in their power to accomplish those goals set our for themselves.

Now, ask yourself this question, where do you want to see yourself in the future 5-10 years from now. It could be sunny, a high rise apartment, freedom, etc. Imagine the life you want to live right now.

While, your friends who wasted their life away not working hard enough to get where they’re right now.

Do not be those guys. Keep going, it will be worth it.

Stay the course. Via – visualizevalue

I have been blogging for a year now but haven’t been consistent about it. It can explain why I only have 3 WordPress followers but, you know why I haven’t been successful as much as I would have like to?

I am not staying the course. Also, I am not committed enough to keep going and to preserve through the hardships I go through.

This can build the foundation you want to set out for yourself for the rest of your life.

Get it done, no matter how hard it is.

Stay the course.

Author: Oasihene

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