Vote Responsibly

Vote Responsibly.

Now, we can see why everyone is in a rush today.

Today is one of the most important days in the world.

Its Election Day.

So, this result will be the impact of our country.

Fireworks will go up in the air like dancers or people will either weep.

This country stands on the backbones of immigrants and innovators.

We all have a choice to make the world truly ours again.

Even though, we are the only inhibitors of planet Earth, we don’t seem united at all.

Alot is going on in this country and we don’t seem to stand on the ideals we stand for.

But, you can vote responsibly.

Also, you have the power to change that.

Vote Responsibly

Be a model citizen.

Consistently use the voice you were given.

Although, this may be some people’s first time voting, we can make a change.

Change starts with us and us only.

Be the voice of change and for what you believe in.

For example, you will fight for a brand discontinuing shoes and you do anything it takes.

So, why not apply the same concept for voting?

You can make someone’s life better.

Then, you will see a smile on your face.

Vote, Please

People are counting on your vote.

From near and far.

Voting may not matter to you, but it does matter.

So, you have heard the point of voting.

All I am asking for is you to do it.

As humans, we say a lot of things, but do we actually do them?

It feels special to do them or astonishing.

I can wait till the elections over.

Going to be an interesting of couple days.

This will be the kickstart of something new.

In less than a couple of days, we will have the same president or have elected a new one.