Vote Responsibly

Vote Responsibly.

Now, we can see why everyone is in a rush today.

Today is one of the most important days in the world.

Its Election Day.

So, this result will be the impact of our country.

Fireworks will go up in the air like dancers or people will either weep.

This country stands on the backbones of immigrants and innovators.

We all have a choice to make the world truly ours again.

Even though, we are the only inhibitors of planet Earth, we don’t seem united at all.

Alot is going on in this country and we don’t seem to stand on the ideals we stand for.

But, you can vote responsibly.

Also, you have the power to change that.

Vote Responsibly

Be a model citizen.

Consistently use the voice you were given.

Although, this may be some people’s first time voting, we can make a change.

Change starts with us and us only.

Be the voice of change and for what you believe in.

For example, you will fight for a brand discontinuing shoes and you do anything it takes.

So, why not apply the same concept for voting?

You can make someone’s life better.

Then, you will see a smile on your face.

Vote, Please

People are counting on your vote.

From near and far.

Voting may not matter to you, but it does matter.

So, you have heard the point of voting.

All I am asking for is you to do it.

As humans, we say a lot of things, but do we actually do them?

It feels special to do them or astonishing.

I can wait till the elections over.

Going to be an interesting of couple days.

This will be the kickstart of something new.

In less than a couple of days, we will have the same president or have elected a new one.

Do It To Succeed, Not For Approval

Create a reality of your own, not for someone else.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we want nothing but success.

Endless opportunities and an abundance of success.

Therefore, the only way for us to do that as people is to silence out the noise and to do the work.

A lot of people do the things they do for all the wrong reasons. This doesn’t apply to merely everyone but, if the shoe fits, you know how the rest goes.

So, the question here is, what’s your true motive for doing things?

After all, we all want to win in this lifetime but for all the right reasons.

Our parents, friends, mentors, etc. Whoever is in our life wants us to be great but, we often can accomplish our dreams for them. Now, I understand why we want to do that but it doesn’t seem right at all.

You have been working your life for this specific moment and you want to do it just for approval? That seems a bit outlandish and silly.

For example, I want to be able to say I own a business one day and be proud of what I did. Will I thank my friends and family? Yes. Will I do it for their satisfaction and approval? Of course not.

Doing a goal or task just because you wanted approval from others does not sit right at all. You practically worked that hard for someone else.

If this motivated you or changed the way you think, follow me and share this with someone who might need. I want to see everyone I know win. Even you, the person reading this.

Black Lives Matter Forever

Black Lives Matter Launches New Arts And Culture Initiative - JARO ...
Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow, and forever

The Scary and Harsh Reality of Black Lives

Black Lives Matter Forever

They matter today, tomorrow, and forever.

So, if you’re new to the subject, you’re probably wondering what it means. I’ll simply tell you. Although, you may hear it on a day to day basis, you will continue to hear it. Until, it becomes muscle memory in your head. It’s a movement created to show the injustice, prejudice, and racism in a system. It’s been at least 405 years where we have face challenges of the oppressor that dismantle are way of life and we are tired.

Then, we tried peaceful protests,marches, gatherings,etc. Those are signs of taking action and being apart of a change but, nothing has worked thus far. We are living in a history moment and as you’re reading this post, you have a power to change that. Go out and use your voice for what’s right. Reach out to your local governors, police officers, and representatives about this issue.

Jumping the gun and saying but, what about “all lives”. Yes, all lives do in fact matter but the matter at hand is about BLACK LIVES. For example, imagine you’re a firefighter and your house is on fire. Then, you see someone complaining that their house isn’t getting the same exact treatment as the house that’s on fire.

You know why? The house is on fire. This is a human rights issue.

Leaping out to people and saying it’s not is absurd. Like do you hear yourself? The balanced efforts of the two parties need to come together. We have already identified the problem but now is time to implement.

Stay Motivated through this. Don’t hesitate to keep using your platform. Improved efforts are starting to show but we must not let up. Keep using your platform for good.

Happy Easter

I just wanted to say happy Easter to everyone who reads and how God is risen today. He has died for our sins and will continue to do good for us in ways we don’t even know.

It may not feel like Easter,

But appreciate this time with your loved ones and the people around you. Love life even more especially at this hard time and take everything in that you have. Being grateful during the hard times show who we really are as people. Never forget that. Once again, I hope everyone has a blessed Easter.

5 Ways to be super productive working at home

More and more people are working from home these days, I have found out these tips are super helpful when maximizing your productivity and minimize procrastination during your working to help you stay productive at the task at hand.

1). Starting off your day with a good habit routine

My usually routine usually includes working out, praying, writing, etc. Something that keeps me active and my thoughts flowing so I can stay focus wherever I am.

Sticking to something everyday keeps me in a positive mood and gets me in the right mindset for mind and the current day ahead.

A podcast that I listen to is called “Born to Impact” by Joel Marion is what I listen to for daily inspiration!

2). Get Dressed and Work from your Table

Try and get dressed like you’re actually going to work. This will separate relaxation and work from each other. Once in a while its fine to stay in your pajamas if you’re working from home but nevertheless, work clothes will make you feel more productive and you will actually will want to work.

3). Put your Phone Away

Put your phone away in another room, drawer, or even air plane. Phones are huge distractions for our lives and how we deal with them. Notifications, messages, phone calls are annoying and its hard to complete the task at hand when its near you. Use your phone for business related activities and use it when you’re completely done with your work.

4). The Pomodoro Technique

Break down your work into 25 or 30 minute blocks and set a timer to let you know when you’re finished. Use the remaining 5-10 minutes for a break on your phone to do whatever you like. You will be shock of how many tasks you get done within this time-frame.

5). Stick to your Working Hours Every Day

Work at your home with the current hours you usually go in for work and stick to them everyday. This will lead to consistency and will make you excel in your day to day activities. It will feel like second hand nature when you stick to your working hours.

These are some tips that I am providing for you guys. I want to provide value for you guys and make sure you take action on these tips and can change your typical workday. If you have time to scroll on social media, watching the news, you can definitely read these tips and apply them to your everyday life. Carpe Diem guys, go out there and kill it. If you found this helpful, make sure you like, comment and share with someone who may need it.