Black Lives Matter Forever

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Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow, and forever

The Scary and Harsh Reality of Black Lives

Black Lives Matter Forever

They matter today, tomorrow, and forever.

So, if you’re new to the subject, you’re probably wondering what it means. I’ll simply tell you. Although, you may hear it on a day to day basis, you will continue to hear it. Until, it becomes muscle memory in your head. It’s a movement created to show the injustice, prejudice, and racism in a system. It’s been at least 405 years where we have face challenges of the oppressor that dismantle are way of life and we are tired.

Then, we tried peaceful protests,marches, gatherings,etc. Those are signs of taking action and being apart of a change but, nothing has worked thus far. We are living in a history moment and as you’re reading this post, you have a power to change that. Go out and use your voice for what’s right. Reach out to your local governors, police officers, and representatives about this issue.

Jumping the gun and saying but, what about “all lives”. Yes, all lives do in fact matter but the matter at hand is about BLACK LIVES. For example, imagine you’re a firefighter and your house is on fire. Then, you see someone complaining that their house isn’t getting the same exact treatment as the house that’s on fire.

You know why? The house is on fire. This is a human rights issue.

Leaping out to people and saying it’s not is absurd. Like do you hear yourself? The balanced efforts of the two parties need to come together. We have already identified the problem but now is time to implement.

Stay Motivated through this. Don’t hesitate to keep using your platform. Improved efforts are starting to show but we must not let up. Keep using your platform for good.