Realize You’re Insignificant

We often lack inspiration at times because of the simple fact is because we are afraid. We feel as if the world is waiting for us to fail and there is a spotlight shining on our inadequate behaviors of ours. On a planet earth, we live millions of light years away from other planets in the galaxies, each of them containing a billions of stars. The bigger picture simply tells us, you’re insignificant. Nothing we do “matters”, except what you do matters do you and should only matter to you. Whatever goal you have in mind, whether it’s to build a business, gain weight, asking out that special girl you have been adoring from a far. Just go for it. The opinions of others shouldn’t matter to anyone else but yourself and that’s the biggest thing to get from all of this.

Author: Oasihene

Creator.Visionary. My views on what I see clear and my thoughts on the world.