Do It To Succeed, Not For Approval

Create a reality of your own, not for someone else.

There comes a point in everyone’s life where we want nothing but success.

Endless opportunities and an abundance of success.

Therefore, the only way for us to do that as people is to silence out the noise and to do the work.

A lot of people do the things they do for all the wrong reasons. This doesn’t apply to merely everyone but, if the shoe fits, you know how the rest goes.

So, the question here is, what’s your true motive for doing things?

After all, we all want to win in this lifetime but for all the right reasons.

Our parents, friends, mentors, etc. Whoever is in our life wants us to be great but, we often can accomplish our dreams for them. Now, I understand why we want to do that but it doesn’t seem right at all.

You have been working your life for this specific moment and you want to do it just for approval? That seems a bit outlandish and silly.

For example, I want to be able to say I own a business one day and be proud of what I did. Will I thank my friends and family? Yes. Will I do it for their satisfaction and approval? Of course not.

Doing a goal or task just because you wanted approval from others does not sit right at all. You practically worked that hard for someone else.

If this motivated you or changed the way you think, follow me and share this with someone who might need. I want to see everyone I know win. Even you, the person reading this.