5 Ways to be super productive working at home

More and more people are working from home these days, I have found out these tips are super helpful when maximizing your productivity and minimize procrastination during your working to help you stay productive at the task at hand.

1). Starting off your day with a good habit routine

My usually routine usually includes working out, praying, writing, etc. Something that keeps me active and my thoughts flowing so I can stay focus wherever I am.

Sticking to something everyday keeps me in a positive mood and gets me in the right mindset for mind and the current day ahead.

A podcast that I listen to is called “Born to Impact” by Joel Marion is what I listen to for daily inspiration!

2). Get Dressed and Work from your Table

Try and get dressed like you’re actually going to work. This will separate relaxation and work from each other. Once in a while its fine to stay in your pajamas if you’re working from home but nevertheless, work clothes will make you feel more productive and you will actually will want to work.

3). Put your Phone Away

Put your phone away in another room, drawer, or even air plane. Phones are huge distractions for our lives and how we deal with them. Notifications, messages, phone calls are annoying and its hard to complete the task at hand when its near you. Use your phone for business related activities and use it when you’re completely done with your work.

4). The Pomodoro Technique

Break down your work into 25 or 30 minute blocks and set a timer to let you know when you’re finished. Use the remaining 5-10 minutes for a break on your phone to do whatever you like. You will be shock of how many tasks you get done within this time-frame.

5). Stick to your Working Hours Every Day

Work at your home with the current hours you usually go in for work and stick to them everyday. This will lead to consistency and will make you excel in your day to day activities. It will feel like second hand nature when you stick to your working hours.

These are some tips that I am providing for you guys. I want to provide value for you guys and make sure you take action on these tips and can change your typical workday. If you have time to scroll on social media, watching the news, you can definitely read these tips and apply them to your everyday life. Carpe Diem guys, go out there and kill it. If you found this helpful, make sure you like, comment and share with someone who may need it.