5 Signs You Will Be A Millionaire

These 5 Signs Will Show You Will Become A Millionaire
These 5 Signs Will Change The Path of your life forever

5 Signs That Will Change Your Life

Want to know the 5 signs you will be a millionaire? Well, let’s get straight to it.

Millionaire’s are more and more common throughout the United States. But have you ever questioned yourself saying, “How come those people are millionaire’s and I’m not?”

Well, I bet you have.

Read These Signs Carefully

There are multiple reasons why the average person is the way they’re and the millionaire has endless streams of income wealth.

So, here is the first reason. The first reason is that, you’re an action taker. First off, taken action just means you’re willing to do it regardless what people think. Then, you just implement that plan. This is the mindset you always need to have in your head regardless of the situation that is going on. Being clear and honest about your goals will take you far.

Next, is you save to invest. If you work a 9-5 take half of your income and put it in a savings account or Roth or 401k IRA. The point of this is to always reinvest what you make at the end of your bi-weekly or weekly pay into things that will make you money. The goal here is to grow your money instead of wasting it on pointless things.

Then, you should always dream big. What’s the point of dreaming if you won’t shoot for the stars? Always believe in yourself and if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? These 5 signs you will become a millionaire are meant for you if you made it to this far in the article.

Next, you’re a problem solver and create solutions. Creating solutions for your problems are a big plus in terms of being successful. It shows what there is to fix and how you fix it. Very important skill to have.

Lastly, you know your customers needs and desires. Knowing your target market is very important because of how it can really change your way of thinking and how much value you can provide for your customers.

Want to win in life? Take Action

Want to win in life? Take Action.
NThe first step is always the hardest but will always be worth it

The only way to win in life is to take action.

We often want to do very well in life.

For example, think of it as a race.

The best car wants to win and we want to cheer them on.

But the thing is, nobody saw the work we put behind it.

Nonetheless, taking action shows RESULTS.

That’s the result of human action and accomplishment and why so many successful people the way they’re.

They take action.

Not sitting around all day and thinking how they will accomplish a certain task but just by doing it.

But many say, ” what if I fail?”.

Trial & Error ladies and gentlemen.

So, the next time you feel hesitant about something, just do it, as Nike Says.

I am always thinking about something to do but get riled up and hesitant to try.

It’s better than before but it can always improve.

Then, once you take action it will become second nature.

Life is a game that you have to play smart

Taking risks always come with the game and that’s what makes it great

Take action and do something different today

Being in quarantine isn’t a excuse to watch Netflix and do something in unproductive all day

Because it pushes you back a step back from the life you want to live.

Taking action = results & memories that will last a life time

Be happy for the change you’re about to make.

Persistence shows long term success

Persistence shows long term success.
Persistence shows long term success.

Persistence shows long term success

People love to give up early. There’s a process for literally everything and then wonder why it doesn’t workout.

I can totally understand that.

There is burnout and stress.

Although, you want to quit, you can’t.

Then, you’ll become like everyone else who does.

The psychology behind it is simple.

No results = Giving up.

However, you shouldn’t.

At the same time, you might be going through a lot, it won’t be of use.

There is a quote that everyone should live by.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men

with talent. Genius will not unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not: the world is full of educated

derelicts. Persistence and determination

alone are omnipotent.”

On the contrary, people want short cuts.

They don’t see the actual work behind it.

Truly, the craft, dedication, and persistence is behind it.

Then, when you see those factors,

You will see results.

Make the decision of making an option to succeed or

Of course, be like everyone else.

But, the truth is in the question is,

you need grit.

Nevertheless, you can’t blame others.

Optimism and grit will see longevity and long term success.

Treat it like a long term endeavor.

You won’t see any overnight success or change

Therefore, think wisely.

We think of schemes to see success in a month or less.


On one hand, it may sound good and well

but, you will just be disappointed with yourself.

Like I said before, think accordingly.

In spite of, the hardships, failure, and uncertainty’s,

You will start to question everything you did and

the way you did prior before you started to get happy.

Then, you’ll see results and success.

Persistence shows long term success.

Repeat after me,

Persistence shows long term success.

Never stop.

Fail Big, To Be Successful

Dear Failure: Thanks for these 9 Lessons
In order to be successful , you must fail

Everyone in this lifetime wants to be successful.

Your mother, your father, your cousins, and last but not least, yourself.

I get the cliche quote of hearing this all the time but that’s life.

We must fail over and over again to be great.

It will not mysteriously happen overnight and we will have to take serious action to be great like you read in movies, mythology, and underdog stories.

Oprah got fired at 23 from her job and she thought it was the end.

She didn’t know what else to do but work harder.

And what does this all mean?

Nobody’s perfect.

Nobody’s an overnight sensation.

It’s literally you versus the world.

In a sense, your friends in family will always support the things that you do in this lifetime, but you must stay focused to win.

Stop socializing , stop waiting for girls, stop waiting for the “perfect moment” and be in love with the grind. Your success will show because everything else is just holding you back from the true goals that you want to accomplish in this lifetime.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you going to let another day pass you by or will do something about it?

See you on the other side.

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is a priority and needs to be taken seriously
Represents the mind of someone with mental health issues

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Mental Health is an important thing we often forget to realize because of how it can damage our body without us even realizing it. The month of May is dedicated to people with mental health issues in the United States and I wanted to address that because of how we should never ignore people with mental health traits.
The first thing I wanted to talk about is an important issue that’s currently going on in the United States which is currently going on in the United States which is, mental health. Mental Health can be defined as, ” a person’s condition regarding their physiological and emotional well-being“. People can look normally fine and normal through everyday activities but do we actually know what’s going on inside their head? We can feel at our best one day and feel struck down the next. We can truly never know whats going inside our heads or with one another so its best that we always check on those who are important to us. It could be our friends, siblings, family members, employees, teachers, coaches, etc. Mental Health month is adhered to the month of May but we all should check on our mental health everyday. Not just once a day, every second of our lives because it change how a person is truly feeling about themselves. I want to check on yourself and the others you care about because nobody deserves depressed thoughts or feel like they’re unworthy or feel like a burden. If you ever are feeling down you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline to make and a person on the line will talk to you to make sure you’re feeling okay and not having suicidal thoughts. I am also here for you all if you ever feel that. You’re important. You’re beautiful. You’re strong. Keep preserving through the tough times because they don’t last forever.

The Best Investment You Can Make

People often want to tell you the best investment you can make for yourself is in cryptocurrency, Forex, making a business, a YouTube channel, or whatever the case may be.

Nobody has the right answer for what’s best for you.

Wanna know the secret?

The secret for the best investment you can possibly make is….

In yourself.

The secret for the best investment you can possibly make is….

In yourself.

An example of the best investment you can make in yourself is

DJ Khaled spends millions of dollars on his health each year because he wanted to lose weight and better himself.

That’s only half of the story though.

The other half of his investments come from

  • Nutritionists
  • Chefs
  • Massages
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Trainers
  • Acupuncture
  • And so much more we don’t know about.

He does this best he wants to be version of himself.

The part which is less obvious is, the financial investment that it provides back to us.

He’s more than just rapper, he’s hungry for success.

And not to mention, the benefits and how it helps him better as a person and improves the morale with him and the people around him. He used to be seen as a joke but I respect him to the fullest content there is.

A natural born winner.

How You Can Do The Same

I know you don’t have that much money to invest in yourself like they do.

But you can do things like

  • Buying an ebook or course to learn a skill to help you
  • Doing a meal plan that could potentially help you better yourself
  • Building a business from scratch and outsourcing it

In Conclusion

You have to control where you’re putting your money.

The majority of your investments should be bettering yourself.

If it doesn't help you or relate to your goals, might as well leave it.

– Opare Asihene

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Bet On Yourself


I think one of the reasons that I love hiking so much is how you ...

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Many people will doubt you in this life and many will count you out.

They will say you got lucky and many will decide to count you out.

Forget all the noise that will you suck in and just believe that you will make it.

Funny part of life is, your parents,friends, significant other won’t be here to save you in the long run and this is your life.

You’re in control and you need to speak things into existence for your life to change. Positive speech and affirmation will change your life only if you let it and manifesting everything you say you will can actually do that.

Always bet on yourself and live the life you deserve because at the end of the day, you can live the life you actually want or you can live in regret and living in regret will be the death of so many dreams out there.

l believe in you.

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That mentality is something you always should have.

5 Ways to be super productive working at home

More and more people are working from home these days, I have found out these tips are super helpful when maximizing your productivity and minimize procrastination during your working to help you stay productive at the task at hand.

1). Starting off your day with a good habit routine

My usually routine usually includes working out, praying, writing, etc. Something that keeps me active and my thoughts flowing so I can stay focus wherever I am.

Sticking to something everyday keeps me in a positive mood and gets me in the right mindset for mind and the current day ahead.

A podcast that I listen to is called “Born to Impact” by Joel Marion is what I listen to for daily inspiration!

2). Get Dressed and Work from your Table

Try and get dressed like you’re actually going to work. This will separate relaxation and work from each other. Once in a while its fine to stay in your pajamas if you’re working from home but nevertheless, work clothes will make you feel more productive and you will actually will want to work.

3). Put your Phone Away

Put your phone away in another room, drawer, or even air plane. Phones are huge distractions for our lives and how we deal with them. Notifications, messages, phone calls are annoying and its hard to complete the task at hand when its near you. Use your phone for business related activities and use it when you’re completely done with your work.

4). The Pomodoro Technique

Break down your work into 25 or 30 minute blocks and set a timer to let you know when you’re finished. Use the remaining 5-10 minutes for a break on your phone to do whatever you like. You will be shock of how many tasks you get done within this time-frame.

5). Stick to your Working Hours Every Day

Work at your home with the current hours you usually go in for work and stick to them everyday. This will lead to consistency and will make you excel in your day to day activities. It will feel like second hand nature when you stick to your working hours.

These are some tips that I am providing for you guys. I want to provide value for you guys and make sure you take action on these tips and can change your typical workday. If you have time to scroll on social media, watching the news, you can definitely read these tips and apply them to your everyday life. Carpe Diem guys, go out there and kill it. If you found this helpful, make sure you like, comment and share with someone who may need it.