Why You Should Be Reading 20 Pages A Day

Why You Should Be Reading 20 Pages A Day

Why you should be reading 20 pages a day:

Everyone understands the benefits of reading. Better vocabulary, sustainable knowledge, exploring new words in fiction or nonfiction- but not everyone believes they have time to tackle a book they really enjoy.

Now, there are a number of reasons why people can’t read a book they’d like. Personal obligations, work, school, sports. This where the phrase, “knowledge of power comes from”. Our brains can depict multiple words per second and the need of expanding our vocabulary is important. This shows growth as people.

Luckily, reading can go a long way.

The Power of Reading

Naomi S. Baron, Ph.D., a professor of linguistics at American University in Washington, D.C., setting a goal of reading just 15 pages a day accomplishes a number of different things. Reading 15 pages a day only requires us to have a modest time commitment.

Why you should read be reading 20 pages a day should be a given. Now, everyone doesn’t need to read but the benefits are surely there.

It will take the average person 30 mins to read 15 mins. So, what’s your excuse. Then, they will just go on their phones after.

Also, there is also another benefit to holding a book. It gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Pinching the book pages together lets you know what the goal is and charts your progress.

You can actually see a physical manifestation of the commitment, both in the pages and chase your progress like a little kid.

Then, you’ll see it in the pages you’ve passed and the ones you have ahead.

Make sure the book is physical instead of a digital one. You will be more inclined to keep reading it. If you consume it digitally, you’re bound to succumb to all the distractions.

So, this why you need to indulge in reading and why you need to read it everyday.