Speak Up

Speaking up brings you opportunities in life but more importantly issues that you’re aware of.

Why stand in the shadows and not say anything?

As of everything that’s going on right now, speaking up is more important and bringing light to the issue is what will get action done in this country. Instead of, blaming others and agreeing with brainwashed & corrupt politicians that they’re right.

So, in other words, think for yourself and what you truly believe in.

We live in a world where people are too scared to think for themselves and it’s apart of the ongoing issues in our society and everything else that’s going in the world. Don’t be a sheep or slave to the system.

I am at a loss for words for everything that’s going on in our country and want better for everyone but if we don’t take action and speak up we will be in the same position we have been in the last 300 years of systematic oppression and racism.

Now, use this time to talk to your governors, donate to organizations, etc. Sharing hashtags and reposting isn’t really activism to say the least. We need to do more than that if we want change for everyone in this country and for those who aren’t able to do much.

This is getting ridiculous at this point and I am tired of things like this happening to innocent bystanders who were just minding their own business.

On the contrary, never not say anything, your voice matters in this world.