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Be Unapologetically You

Being Unapologetically Yourself. So, you may be confused on what exactly this means. I don’t want to hop around like a rabbit and waste your time about this concept. Now, that got your attention, I’ll tell you right now. There’s way too many people trying to be someone else. Like a literal star wars clone. Then, those people want to mimic those certain behaviors. Although, copying of those we admire isn’t bad, it would be better if you were yourself. We are all different. Different names, skin, races, ethnicity,etc. Moreover, people will love you for.Be Apologetically Yourself. Now, I’ll repeat myself like a concerned parent. Be Apologetically Yourself. Don’t fit in. Next, stop accepting approval. That’s what puts people down. Others approval and their opinions. Meanwhile, those people who don’t care are doing better than you in life. You know why? They don’t let the opinions of others affect them. Now, you see the problem, find a solution. We only have one life. Do not let it be judged by others. Moreover, they shouldn’t care what someone else does in their life. That just takes the fun out of it. In other words, stop be forgiving of what they think. I get the whole stigma of taking advice from others but, some people are just bad energy. Learn how to kick it by yourself sometimes. We always won’t be at a camp fire with our friends and family. Even though, that might sound cliche, it’s true to an extent. Do whatever you please. Now, take in everything that I told you, and apply it. Life should be a like a Mario Game. Customizable and creative for the user. Moreover, that user is yourself. You. Nobody should ever tell you how to feel about yourself ever.