For The Dreamers

This one is for the dreamers

Where we turn dreamers into believers

Overachievers and self esteemers

Fighting for a dream that no one else sees

That’s the truth but for you and me

Please don’t let those dreams die

As we know time flys right by

We will look in the night sky

Thinking how we can fly

It’s because we are dreamers

Doing the impossible instead of working at the cleaners

We are the dreamers

5 thoughts on “For The Dreamers

  1. Well done! We are the dreamers. I’m a doer as well. Lost my job in March due to covid but I have started my own business since July and am rolling. 10 years to retirement. 🙂 Then I have another dream. LOL!

          1. Oh, it takes patience and a lot of time. My focus isn’t with the blog though at the moment. My Etsy shop has taken off and the holidays are quite busy. Just don’t give up! I almost did a few times. 🙂

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