Inside My Head

Living inside my head

Everything between human flesh is red

Hiding myself from the real world that I dread

Seeing if I mead

Creating fantasies in my head that I tread

Will I ever stop living inside my head?

When I’m in there I don’t feel dead

Is it something that I said?

Oh I forgot I’m inside my head

We all do it from time to time

Makes me feel like a basketball player dropping dimes

Now I’m starting to rhyme

It feels like a bad crime

Hearing the wind ringing the bells making them chime

Making me get rhymes like dimes

Life isn’t always a straight line

It never will be from time to time

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

More To Life

There’s gotta be more to life

It feels like a cutting edge blade aiming to the right

Moving swiftly enough like a thief in the night

But do we know what’s right?

That’s the key to life

To progress, pursue and seek

Like always fixing the end of the pipe that might leak

Finding each and every clue like hide and seek

Doing different things each and every week

Like a word jumping in the mouth of a birds beak

There’s gotta be more to life

Don’t hold things in strife

There’s just gotta be more to life

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

Live As If You Die Tomorrow

Do it today.

Not tomorrow.

You might be drowning in your own sorrows.

Life isn’t about who borrows.

It’s never about tomorrow.

It’s about today.

Check on your friends and family to make sure they’re okay.

Then you’ll can feast and shout horay.

Life is what we make it.

Don’t dwell on decisions that are temporary.

Focus on your mental sanctuary.

If not you will be very weary.

And you might not see it rarely.

Do it today.

Count your blessings and pray.

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved.

Check Your Mental

Please check your mental

It’s so detrimental

I’m not trying to be sentimental

Care about your mental like it’s dental

Check up on your friends and family

I don’t want to see it up in a tragedy

I just want someone to be proud of me

Can’t you see?

Fixing our mind from the inside

Feels as if we drifting off in a glide

Falling down deeper and deeper down the slide

Check your mental

It’s extremely detrimental

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

On a side note: Check on your friends and family this holiday season. We want the best times with our friends and family but mental health is something we need to look after. So, do me a favor and check on your loved ones for me.

Saturday Morning

Here I am on Saturday morning

Out in the back hearing the roosters roaring

A child that’s on his skateboard soaring

While drinking tea and reading and others will say that’s boring

Well that’s what we do in the mornings

A time of relaxation until we see the emancipation

Getting ready for the holidays with all the decorations

While others sleep we make new projects like claymation

Or travel to the other city on the subway station

It feels like today we are taking a vacation

All in a good days work

And on the off days we network

See this looks kinda of boring

But this what we do on Saturday morning

© Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

For The Dreamers

For The Dreamers

This one is for the dreamers

Where we turn dreamers into believers

Overachievers and self esteemers

Fighting for a dream that no one else sees

That’s the truth but for you and me

Please don’t let those dreams die

As we know time flys right by

We will look in the night sky

Thinking how we can fly

It’s because we are dreamers

Doing the impossible instead of working at the cleaners

We are the dreamers

What’s the use?

What’s the Use

God-fearing waves that control our views

But is it really any use?

Seeing the world view from afar

It’s crazy to even think we even came this far

We have to believe we’re the mistakes we make

To only believe we will die at only for whats at stake

To sit here and question what’s my purpose in life

Feels like I’m getting hit in my chest in my inner artery with a knife

Trials and tribulations make the person

But, I sit here and ask myself

What’s the use?

© 2020 All Rights Reserved.