How To Make 1000s On Twitter

Now, you’re probably reading this title thinking how I can make $1000 from Twitter. A social media app that I use to check for entertainment, daily news, and sports, well I will tell you how.

Anything is possible with an internet connection and a laptop or a phone.

How To Make 1000s from Twitter, not a scam but the truth.

This method to make 1000s from Twitter is more easier than you think. It will take some dedication and hard work to make this possible. Now, enough me talking about it and let me show you how.

1. Using Paid Ads To Drive Massive Traffic

With the niche you’re already in and social proof. It will always costs you to run ads towards your product and service. You must be willing to spend money to make money. Or else you may never reach the $1000 mark on Twitter. Paid Ads aren’t a bad idea for driving traffic except for the amount of money it will cost you. Wasting so much money for an ad that doesn’t convert is the worst. So, if you’re on the path of doing this, make sure your ad creative is something people will buy into and your marketing an angle has to be on point. Also, so does your product.

2. Always Use One Account And Be Active In Topics What Are Related To Products You’re Promoting

Now, its ideal to make one account and that account has to be in the niche of your service or business. For example, let’s say you have a twitter account that centers around feelings of people and generally how you’re doing. An account like this relates to us because we are all human and think of our feelings and things that matter to us on a daily basis. You may think it’s crazy but those accounts go viral on a daily basis. Then, once the tweet is viral with a bunch of likes and comments, they link their product or service below the tweet. You may ask, what’s the purpose of doing that. So, people can see link you provided and will be more inclined to click on it.

So, I have provided 2 ways to drive traffic and a few hundred dollars but I will be showing you how to make 1000s of dollars from Twitter. I will be dropping an affiliate link down below on how I did it and if you email me and share my link with a friend, I will give that $30 course for free. All I can say is, this is your life and if you want to earn passive income you will need to get this.

3. Affiliate Marketing and Creating E-books

First, I want to say this isn’t a rich quick scheme. It will feel like a quick brown fox chasing a dog. What I am trying to say is, this method can take awhile but, you need to purchase this now before it’s too late. I don’t want anyone to be in the rat race or fall behind now. So, being an affiliate for a creator’s well known product can do numbers. It can show us the greater good and why they’re regarded so highly.

My Friend Ramansh introduced me to this and I was surprised. I couldn’t believe he was making money just from building his account and being an affiliate.

Sounds, crazy right?

Well, making money like this can happen in a few ways. First, you need to have intentions to help and not just to make a sale. Sales with a person on Twitter may be regarded as spam and annoying so we want to limit that. Offer help on how you made money and people will be more inclined to talk to you and want to work with you.

Next, is showing results like I just showed you to show it’s social proof. Social proof is very extensive and very important in terms of people wanting to work with you and buy from you. It’s like selling a workout program of someone trying to get fit. You think they would buy a program from someone with no results?

Of course they wouldn’t.

Results show the process and how it took place. More importantly, to show you literally anyone can do it.

Finally, the last step is a CTA. CTA is a short term for, “Call To Action”. Using words to bring emotional value to the reader that would help them buy from you or explain why they need a product.

For example a CTA can go something like this:

I was hanging out with my friend and he claimed I am on my phone too much

I told him I was on my phone making $1000s on Twitter

He laughed and then told me that’s impossible

I then showed him my phone and he stopped laughing

See what I did there? An emotion of feeling left out and sad was expressed in that tweet. In order to help someone sell their service or be of help, you must interact with their emotions and picture them in your position. Making them feel like they’re apart of something.

That’s what emotions can do for you.

Now, if you made it to the end, I have a surprise for you. I want to help people change their lives and I know you want to change your life as well, I will be giving people a free course more about this just buy using the link I provided below. Best investment during quarantine is to learn a new skill.

What are you waiting for? Go change your life this year.

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