Essential Tips For New Bloggers

Essential Blogging Tips that will help improve your blog and your writing.

These essential tips for new bloggers will get you excited as winning the lottery.

So, hold onto your seats and enjoy the ride.

Now, before you read these tips, these are personal and from the heart tips. I am not saying it just to fool you or to make you scared about blogging.

First, making a blog is the easy part, the hard part about it is, your content, marketing angles, niche, advertisements, etc.

There are so many things that you need to know about blogging but due to trial and error, you will learn these lessons along the way. You will learn the hard way like you do anything in life. Once you start getting the hang of things, all of this will become second hand nature.

Now here are some tips from my experience with blogging so far.

Were about to jump into the portal of new beginnings and out of that comfort zone you hold so dear. Getting a hosting site like cloud-flare or host gator are simple sites to set up your blog. You need a hosting site because it holds all your files, your domain, and other important things. Use a short and simple domain so its easy for people to find your site and your SEO. People are more inclined to remember your site if the domain is shorter. So, making it shorter, makes your domain easy to remember and will benefit you in the long run.

Next, is picking a theme and a niche. A niche is a category or a broader market that you want to aim for. It can be a lifestyle niche, car, food, travel, etc. Once you find the niche, you’ll be able to target your audience in that field making it easier to get ahead of the game. Your theme should fit within the theme of your blog. But, you shouldn’t be too worried about having the perfect theme.

On the contrary, following those two steps will make you better off than most people who blog. Then, comes the money part of these essential tips. There are multiple ways to earn money while blogging. Doesn’t that sound like beating a new level of a video game? It sure does. Some examples are, making a YouTube channel about your blog, using google ad-sense with ads, making an eBook, and offering services to write for people. There are so many ways to make money while blogging but choosing one and growing with it, is the best case of action. Don’t over complicate it and build a following. Make sure you stand out from your competitors and whoever is in the same niche as you.

This is a tip that you must follow and is your choice of words. Your choice of words are vital in blogging because of who reads your blog. Now, anyone can read your blog but using active choice of words like, “the quick brown fox jump over the lazy dog”. Is something people will want to read. Make your writing a literal masterpiece so they have to keep coming back each and every time. It will keep your readers hooked on like a fish and you will want to continue for more.

Then, comes the keyword search. Search for keywords that are trending and that are being seen around online. Those keywords are usually ranked by sites like google and will rank the best pages at the top. For example, if you searched up, “Healthy recipes”, you’ll more or likely see a blog post or an article at the top showing you the best recipes there are. When cracking out keywords, make sure you find keywords that are fitting in with your blog. Also traffic is another important aspect.

Traffic needs to come to your website. The more traffic = more people reading it. You can use organic traffic, paid, advertisements, etc. There are multiple ways to go on about this. My favorite way of traffic is Pinterest. Pinterest is an underrated traffic source and the amount of information you can find on Pinterest is insane. Also, look up “Pingroupie”. Pingroupie is essentially boards from groups that share and pin your pins to other people’s boards. Once you figure out the algorithm and what to write, you’ll find it easier to write about the things you love and for other people.

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