Having A Bad Day

There are days where we want to give up.

Having a bad day makes all the difference on how stressful life can get. So, for every lost opportunity, i find peace knowing some people marry prison pen pals. To attest to the truth, my life choices aren’t all that bad either.

So, if the day isn’t going as planned for you, just smile. It will give a trigger response to the brain thinking you’re happy. Don’t worry if you’re having a bad day, it won’t last. Then, we remember one thing. There are people in this world who tattooed their old partners name on their body and they’re not even together.

Although, I have bad days, it doesn’t mean I won’t laugh it off. You either might be worried or confused to hear me laughing. I wouldn’t confuse someone having a bad twenty-four-hour period as a sign of weakness at all. Then, you can really see what change feels like. Often what feels like a challenging place is just a stairwell to something greater.

Having A Bad Day

Now, think positively. You have been in this predicament before. Being able to survive bad encounters like this before and I don’t think this one should stop you. You’ll make it through this one. Hell, the Avengers made it through Thanos, what’s your excuse? All jokes side, its not like this forever and won’t ever be. Don’t even sweat it.

As a result, you just need to keep on laughing. The average human only laughs about 4 times. Its simply not enough at all. Why would I only laugh 4 times in a twenty-four-time period when there is so much to be grateful for? Then, you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt. Laughing so much its the only problem you should have instead of being down in a twenty-four-time period.