You Need To Hear This

Most people believe they have a lot of time on their hands.  You don’t have it.  Start your own company. Make a family for yourself. Take that journey. Make some cash. Assist others. Make friends with others. Purchase some land. Construct a home. Simply put, DO MORE.  Before you realize it, your life is over. Did not want to this to scare you but you anything can happen in life. Everything you can dream of or wanted to be, make sure you do everything in one possible lifetime. As […]

Wake Up.

– You didn’t do that workout. – That project you’ve been putting off. – That girl you haven’t asked out yet.  All of them are minor LOSSES.  To you, they may appear to be “nothing” today.  You’ll notice one day when you wake up.  Success Builds on itself. Failure has a similar effect. Please don’t notice when it’s too late because by then you will be wishing of what you could’ve done. © Opare Asihene. All rights reserved

21 Years

Blessed to make it to 21 years of age today! I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to read & comment on my blog. It may not be a big blog but your support never goes unnoticed. And for that, I […]