The Spirited

Establish your identity.  Describe the kind of person you aspire to be in writing. What you want to achieve, the ideals you want to live by, and the purpose you want to serve.  Now imagine you’re that person. The building blocks for something solid will be values and principles.  Good principles lead to dependable behavior. Hope you spend this time w family & friends. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays.

Wish Them Well

If someone decides they no longer want to be in your life, don’t be disheartened. Wish them well, and let them go with grace and understanding. You don’t need an explanation, and you don’t need to hold onto any resentment. Keep living life to the […]


Many of you show generosity to those you value highly while ignoring everyone else.  Keep in mind that without acts of kindness performed with no expectation of reward, faith is nothing.  Boost those who most require it.  Put an end to considering what you can obtain in return.  Make an effort to treat everyone equally.  You lack the intelligence to sort them out. GeThat is not your responsibility; that belongs to the divine.


Combining your greatest talents with ways in which they might benefit others is how you find purpose in life if you’re looking for it.  It’s true that you can ignore your abilities and focus solely on earning wealth and power, but over time, I’ve found it to be destructive.

The weight

Beat your weight once and adjust your lifestyle forever.The first glimpse of how likely you are to gamble. You can no longer accept less. your heart may not allow you.There is a new fashion that must be met now. There is no turning back. Expect […]