Do not allow anything or anyone to sabotage the goals you have set. Never give up being cutthroat. The day after day, month by month, year after year, progress is made viciously. Remove out all unnecessary activities. Employ decisive tactical action. Understand oneself and your […]


The ability to reflect alone is essential to human growth. Due to our cellphones, we’ve become the only group that isn’t doing this. The most common kind of distraction today is using a phone. We instantly engage in the quick satisfaction of brief content before […]

Tension Dissolver

Sometimes taking yourself too seriously, which prevents you from taking pleasure in life. You have an obsession with upholding your reputation.  One cannot make fun of oneself.  Conduct absurd and impromptu conversations with new people you meet.  Don various personas to trolling for amusement.  Consider social dangers.  Smile through it all.