Here’s why you haven’t accomplished anything

I’ve constantly reassure myself in the morning that I have done nothing and that the days to come is constantly better than the present. I am assured of eternal glory with my Lord in eternity waiting for me beyond the conclusion of the passageway, so I should do everything in my power to be attentive with the blessings that have been provided to me in the interim. a life of faith demonstrated by defiance toward a countercultural ideal.

The only thing preventing you from having an important effect on the world is the devil’s whispering. A tiny seed’s worth of faith is capable of moving mountains. Why do you still struggle with uncertainty, dread, worry, and nervousness? At the of the day, everything will be better than you can imagine and we could see that you shouldn’t of worried. Lots of people sabotage themselves with a lack of emotional intelligence and of all suddenly one day it will work out. The things we ask for we eventually come true but it will never be a picture perfect fantasy that is played out in your head.