10 Signs You’re Actually Doing Well In Life

10 Signs To Let You How You're Doing In Life.
“The outlook of how we are doing is better than we actually seem”

You’re Actually Winning In Life

Life has many different phrases and meanings. As a result, we spend so much time how to live and how to truly live.

We sometimes get too hard on ourselves if we aren’t fulfilling our potential to the full extent. But, why is that?

Then, we start to wonder what type of life we are living. Or are we doing enough.

Well, I am here to tell you that.

These ten signs will tell you how well you’re actually doing in life.

Now, let’s see you have all 10.

Although these signs may be common, it never hurts to look them over.

1.You have a roof over your head

Having a roof over your head is a big accomplishment and feels really good. Some people are homeless, in prison, live in horrible living conditions, but a roof is all the merrier. Be thankful you have a place to call home each and everyday while, some don’t get to experience that luxury.

2. You ate today

Like I said before. A third of the world’s population doesn’t get to eat like you do today. People have to wait weeks or several days just to have their first meal. How does that sound? Awful, right? Be thankful you had something to fill you up no matter what dish it was. Then, you’ll start to appreciate the meals you eat in a given period. To clarify, every meal you eat should be taken into consideration and you should be thankful to eat it.

3. You have a good heart

You wish the best others and the people around you. The world isn’t sunshine and rainbows. It’s a corrupt and nasty place where anything can happen at any given moment. So, always be the bigger person because you might make someone’s day. For instance, you may see a kid getting bullied for an odd reason.

4. You wish good for others.

Being good to other people and wishing good only brings positive energy and good karma. What’s the point of being bitter or hating on someone? It’s just ugly. Always uplift others and be supportive of one another. Nonetheless, getting jealous of others isn’t the right thing to do. Always be happy for them no matter the circumstance. So, you feel good and they feel good.

5. You have clean water.

Many people around the world struggle to have clean water. So, you’re lucky to drink water that’s not polluted with bacteria and germs. It makes life more enjoyable and thankful. Then, you’ll start to realize you have it better than most people.

6. Someone cares for you.

First, someone cares for you. No matter who you’re someone cares for you. If you’re going through something, you can reach out to me at anytime and tell me how you’re feeling. I want everyone to reads my blog to succeed whether it’s a small win or a big win. So, never forget you’re alone.

7. You strive to be better

Get out of your comfort zone. You always have to strive to be better than you were yesterday and attempt to try something new. Or else what’s the point? We only have only shot at life and if you’re being “still” you’re going nowhere.

8. You have clean clothes

Clothes are a necessity to this life but having clean clothes makes life more enjoyable. Many people on earth don’t have the access to clean clothes and you should be thankful you can wash your clothes. So, next time you complain about clothes, think about people who don’t have the resources to wash them.

9. You have a dream

Dream big and keep striving to be great. Dreams are achievable and possible in this world. Never let anyone tell you different. The more hate you receive is just more motivation to actually accomplish the goal at hand. Then, you will finally start seeing results. Although, hard work has to come with that prayer.

10. You are breathing.

You woke up and have another day at life. That’s the biggest blessing you will receive in this life. On the contrary, don’t take this for granted. Subsequently, many people would love to have what you currently have in this life. Because you will have more gratitude for being alive and well.

Finally, Be thankful for the little things. To others, they’re the most important. So, never dwell on what you have. Nevertheless, always be thankful for everything.

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  1. You have a roof over your head, food on your plate, clean water in your cup. It’s too easy to take these things for granted. We are wealthier than we think or know. Great post Opare ?

    1. Thank you for comment ! We can easily take the smallest things for granted ! Check out more of my posts if you liked that one, have a great day !

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