Cut Out Small Minded People

Cut Out Small Minded People.

The people who will dwell on your dreams.

Now, cut out those ignorant folks.

The folks who want to “support” you.

So, find people who are open minded.

Cliche as it sounds, you just have too.

Subsequently, those are subjective to change can your life.

Then, life will start to progress drastically.

Press your inner subconscious to see why people think this way.

So, why is that?

Now, humans are more inclined to do the hard things.

Thus, making them closed minded and cutting off their true ambitions.

Small minded people are dream killers.

Cut Out Small Minded People.

There are people who are realistic in their dreams and others that think something is impossible to achieve.

Although, there are things that seem impossible in this world, its very possible.

So, what may be the cause of this?

Cut Out Small Minded People

Disband Close-Minded People

I will tell you.

Its from people who they hang around and listen too.

Then, their thoughts will start to rub off on you.

Don’t let this be a continuous cycle.

You will meet people like this in every corner of your life.

So I would suggest is how you deal with it.

Deal with it in a professional manner and wisely.

Now, not everyone acts like this, its just certain people.

Its like a plague to be around these people and it hurts when they multiply.

This is a call to action to not to listen to people with inflexible attitudes and traits.

Understand it gets annoying after awhile.

You will constantly hear it and nothing about it will change.

So, do me a favor and let those people go.

Those people won’t be in your life forever and won’t offer much but a bad attitude.

The worst thing in life is a bad attitude one may say.

4 thoughts on “Cut Out Small Minded People

  1. “Small minded people are dream killers.” — Amen to that! I wholeheartedly agree with you. Hurting people hurt people and those who are stuck only get reminded how stuck they are when we are moving forward.

    Unfortunately, we can’t do for others what they don’t want to do for themselves. Sometimes the very best thing we can do, is as you say, move forward with our own lives and let go. We hope & pray that others will choose to grow too but that’s not always the case.

    There are people who will come alongside us and support us. Thank God for those precious souls! We must also be prepared to stand strong in the face of those who don’t believe by believing in our own selves enough. Naysayers will always be around us, but if we know that we can, we will. 🙂

    Sending love to you. I pray each of your dreams come to fruition! ♥

    1. Wow ! This comment is spot on and fully agree with everything you just said ! I will check out your blog & support you ! Hope you achieve all the goals for your 2021 year !

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