Fail To Succeed

Fail To Succeed

Fail To Succeed

Now, those words may sound repetitive but, its true.

I say that because you truly won’t experience the joy of finally accomplishing something

Time and time again, you need to fail.

So, think of it like you’re climbing a mountain. You may not get it the first couple of times. But your subconscious is telling you to quit.

Laughing at you like you’re a little kid, saying “you can’t do it”. You may or may not be able to do it.

Now, you’re telling yourself how can I accomplish this notorious feat? I know how.

Failing. Not once or twice.

Fail To Succeed.

Do whatever it takes to fail and accomplish that dream you have.

Although, you will feel like you shouldn’t do it. Feeling of laziness and not taking action.

I have been there and knowing I have to make something out of myself. Then, I will be proud of what I did at the end of the day.

Bettering myself each and every day is a must.

No matter the occasion. While someone out there was quitting, an opportunity arises for the person who never gave up.

Timing does play a big role in goal setting and task management.

Subsequently, it’s a part of the reason why most people fail or don’t accomplish something that they want to.

I have been realizing that ever since I want to complete something. It reduces risk of doubt and fear.

You can fail as many times as you would like just remember one thing, never give up.

In conclusion, just don’t stop setting goals or feel as if they’re too big for you.

Everything in this world is possible with grit and determination.

Now, do everything I am telling you and fail as many times as you can.