The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is the sum of our efforts that add up each day.

Now, all the good habits you have, build up on them each and everyday.

1 pushup will turn into 1000 push ups. 1 page of a book will turn into 1000 pages.

Do you understand what I am getting at now?

For example, if you want to build a business for the long-term. You’re going to want to research about it everyday. So, you can see results over a period of time.

Moreover, it builds good habits.

You’ll feel like superman saving lives and the Hulk breaking through walls.

The Compound Effect shows what you can really become.

Then, your life will start to improve

I used to think my life would never improve until I read this book

Now, this isn’t some type of advertisement or promo, you have to know the term to understand what I am talking about

So, you’re going to need a notebook for your routines

Keep track of literally everything that you do and see where you get distracted or thrown off

Attack those bad traits like a karate board

Break the bad habits until they’re tired.

Consequently, keep moving like an athlete. Don’t stop your feet at all.

Now, all those bad habits you used to have, are gone.

All that unnecessary weight will leave your shoulders.

You will feel wonderful knowing you were better than you were yesterday.

Slow and steady really wins the race. Think for the long-term.

Fast-forward 5-10 years and you will be thankful that you did.

Now, you see why I rate this effect so highly?

It will literally change your life as we speak.

Side hustles, investments, books, e-commerce, etc.

You can’t improve 100% unless you measure it.

Always take full responsibility for what happens to you.