Why Always Me?

Why always me?

I often ask myself

The truth always comes to light they say

The truth is never clear like a summers day

I just want to be liked, loved, and respected, is that so much ask for?

Why always me?
Thinking to myself, why is it always me.

Me reaching for the stars at this point seems like a closed door

I often ponder the entirety of existence by one question and for the way I do things day in and day out.

I promised myself I wouldn’t be a sellout

Why always me?

Its Cool To Try

Try Harder Than Anyone Else

To be better than 90% of people on this earth, all you have to do is try

Most people you know right now are scrolling on media, watching TV, playing a video game, etc

All you have to do is do something productive to be better than that 90% of people

People think they want something handed to them

It’s hard enough to beat someone who never gives up

If you really want to be apart of the 10% of people, you need to do something the 90% of people won’t do.

Simply is to try more than you need too.

Try, try, and try some more .

People think it’s “lame” or “ doing too much”

Forget the outside noise and keep trying as much as you can

So, you can implement this idea in your head that you need to keep on trying.

The best there ever was kept on trying

The people you look up too tried as much as possible

Even though, there is a possibility of failure, that shouldn’t ever stop you from trying

It’s Cool To Try
An artist at work trying something new.

Now, go out and try.

You don’t know the possibilities of trying.

You will hit the goldmine if you keep trying and doing something that you’re not used to at all.

Your Circle Matters

Your Circle Matters.

So, you probably think you have to change your circle or group of friends.

Now, don’t change it unless they’re not helping you in any shape or form.

I say that because we often are perceived who we are around

In a sense, get out and meet people that fit your future and not your past.

Jumping out and finding a new group of friends may be hard

Also, they might not be the people you hope to look for in a friend group

So, find like minded people like yourself that fit your goals and aspirations

Your Circle Matters.

Your Circle Matters.

This applies in all walks of life

Not just in school, sports, business, etc.

This a life matter.

For example, if all your friends just sit on the couch all day, you will be inclined to do the same thing

If your friends have businesses and constantly want to better their lives, you will want to do the same

We have all heard this some point or another.

Have people around you, that you’re proud to have around

I want to be able to talk to other people and say I am proud to be around this person and everything that they do.

Not only do they influence you, but also your habits.

Develop good habits early on in life and you’ll see how much your life can change.

Now, you’re either a victim of this or you needed to hear this

Be around good people

Good people are good for your wealth and health

The right people will improve your way of life

Once you stop hanging out with people who do nothing for you, watch it change massively.

This a clear reason why being around the right people is so important

Never forget this. Choose people that choose you.

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How To Clear Distractions From Your Laptop

How to Clear Distractions From Your Laptop:

Now, this is something we all seem to struggle with daily

Multiple tabs, procrastinating, wondering off to YouTube, etc.

It’s human nature to not be focused on more than one thing

I am often guilty of this situation on a day to day basis

So, you need to prioritize one section of your screen

How To Clear Distractions From Your Laptop

Reach in the screen and pull yourself together

Even though, it might be hard to focus, you need to get the task at hand done.

Feels like a dog chasing a monkey

Focus on moving instead of sitting

Be amplified to do more and more

I used to be a victim of this until I realized what I wanted

Outpaced the older version of myself and replaced it with the new

So, focus on one thing at a time

How To Clear Distractions From Your Laptop is simple

You just don’t want to process it at the time

Dive in what’s in-front of you is so important

Now, you have a clear sense of what’s going on

Productivity will increase by tenfold

Time management, smart work, and processing

Are all on your side now.

It is an amazing feeling.

You feel like a new person because you have time on your side

Time is all we have as humans

Even though, time will ruin out on us one day

Maneuver from one task to the next and excel at it

Engineered a plan to succeed and stay focus upon a task ahead of you

Too many tabs slows down our decision process and can’t make us think straight

I believe everyone needs to hinder the choices they make when using the internet

We can so much done if we focused on the task at hand instead of getting sidetracked

How To Build A Successful Future

How To Build A Successful Future

Focus like your life depends on it

How to build a successful future can be a very vague topic

So, let’s dive deep into it

Now, some of you may already know the answer to what I am going to say

You have already instilled something into your head of living the life of your dreams

Feels like diving off a cliff with all this adrenaline rushing to your head

I’ll make this simple for you to understand

All it takes 3-4 hours of sheer focus

Then, you need to maximize your tasks

Even though, you may not think its enough

Essentially, it is enough

Complete the hard tasks first

Delegating tasks from most important to least will save you a lot of time

How to build a successful Future lies within everyone one of us

Feels like shooting a bow & arrow at a bullseye

Then, the amount of focus that goes behind that

You may be at the range for hours but not until you hit the target

That’s how it feels building the future of your dreams

Nobody ever said it was going to be an easy ride, you just have to do it

So, take action on whatever you want to start

It could be for that girl you like, a course, business opportunity, just do it

Now, not to mix anything up, the success is by focusing

Focusing for 3-4 hours a day can help that out

Minimize distractions and just go all in on tasks that you want to do

Most importantly, put away your phone

Putting away your phone can save you a lot of time

Unnecessary texts, phone calls, notifications, etc

All of those things feel like a dopamine rush to our heads once we see it

Even though, it may be important, it can wait

Just like receiving a text while driving

It can wait until all the tasks are done

Why You Should Be Reading 20 Pages A Day

Why You Should Be Reading 20 Pages A Day

Why you should be reading 20 pages a day:

Everyone understands the benefits of reading. Better vocabulary, sustainable knowledge, exploring new words in fiction or nonfiction- but not everyone believes they have time to tackle a book they really enjoy.

Now, there are a number of reasons why people can’t read a book they’d like. Personal obligations, work, school, sports. This where the phrase, “knowledge of power comes from”. Our brains can depict multiple words per second and the need of expanding our vocabulary is important. This shows growth as people.

Luckily, reading can go a long way.

The Power of Reading

Naomi S. Baron, Ph.D., a professor of linguistics at American University in Washington, D.C., setting a goal of reading just 15 pages a day accomplishes a number of different things. Reading 15 pages a day only requires us to have a modest time commitment.

Why you should read be reading 20 pages a day should be a given. Now, everyone doesn’t need to read but the benefits are surely there.

It will take the average person 30 mins to read 15 mins. So, what’s your excuse. Then, they will just go on their phones after.

Also, there is also another benefit to holding a book. It gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Pinching the book pages together lets you know what the goal is and charts your progress.

You can actually see a physical manifestation of the commitment, both in the pages and chase your progress like a little kid.

Then, you’ll see it in the pages you’ve passed and the ones you have ahead.

Make sure the book is physical instead of a digital one. You will be more inclined to keep reading it. If you consume it digitally, you’re bound to succumb to all the distractions.

So, this why you need to indulge in reading and why you need to read it everyday.

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is the sum of our efforts that add up each day.

Now, all the good habits you have, build up on them each and everyday.

1 pushup will turn into 1000 push ups. 1 page of a book will turn into 1000 pages.

Do you understand what I am getting at now?

For example, if you want to build a business for the long-term. You’re going to want to research about it everyday. So, you can see results over a period of time.

Moreover, it builds good habits.

You’ll feel like superman saving lives and the Hulk breaking through walls.

The Compound Effect shows what you can really become.

Then, your life will start to improve

I used to think my life would never improve until I read this book

Now, this isn’t some type of advertisement or promo, you have to know the term to understand what I am talking about

So, you’re going to need a notebook for your routines

Keep track of literally everything that you do and see where you get distracted or thrown off

Attack those bad traits like a karate board

Break the bad habits until they’re tired.

Consequently, keep moving like an athlete. Don’t stop your feet at all.

Now, all those bad habits you used to have, are gone.

All that unnecessary weight will leave your shoulders.

You will feel wonderful knowing you were better than you were yesterday.

Slow and steady really wins the race. Think for the long-term.

Fast-forward 5-10 years and you will be thankful that you did.

Now, you see why I rate this effect so highly?

It will literally change your life as we speak.

Side hustles, investments, books, e-commerce, etc.

You can’t improve 100% unless you measure it.

Always take full responsibility for what happens to you.

Lack Of Posting

Hello everyone!

I have been busy with trying to get mentorship and work with my university work as well as being a D1 athlete. I apologize for the lack of content on my end. I will began to put out more content on my end and give you guys the best each and everyday.