Its Cool To Try

Try Harder Than Anyone Else

To be better than 90% of people on this earth, all you have to do is try

Most people you know right now are scrolling on media, watching TV, playing a video game, etc

All you have to do is do something productive to be better than that 90% of people

People think they want something handed to them

It’s hard enough to beat someone who never gives up

If you really want to be apart of the 10% of people, you need to do something the 90% of people won’t do.

Simply is to try more than you need too.

Try, try, and try some more .

People think it’s “lame” or “ doing too much”

Forget the outside noise and keep trying as much as you can

So, you can implement this idea in your head that you need to keep on trying.

The best there ever was kept on trying

The people you look up too tried as much as possible

Even though, there is a possibility of failure, that shouldn’t ever stop you from trying

It’s Cool To Try
An artist at work trying something new.

Now, go out and try.

You don’t know the possibilities of trying.

You will hit the goldmine if you keep trying and doing something that you’re not used to at all.

Author: Oasihene

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