Dare to be Different

We have to be different in order to grow and challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone and you must be different. Stop trying to be like everyone else and be your own person. You’re born different than everyone else in this world and trying to mimic or copy others is no point because you’re good the way you’re.

Different means creative and has a purpose. People will look at you as a someone who’s crazy and who’s trying to challenge the system but all in the end, its all based on the choices we make in this world and if we didn’t take those chances, we will just regret it in the end of time. This could be in your business, studies, sports, finance,etc. Different is better and is certainly more. Choose to be different from your peer group for what you love and never regret it at all. Be different and be great at it. I also encourage everyone to be safe from this virus and take every precaution necessary because we don’t know how long it may last.

Encouraging Quotes

Encouraging QuotesOn a day to day basis, we often see motivational to encourage to do better and to strengthen our thinking and how we can readjust ourselves and to be a better person but the real question is, what are you doing with that quote. You can absorb the quote, write it down, and simply engage it in your day to day life to make you more motivated throughout the day to better yourself. Its useless to look at the quote and do nothing with it and to simply just look at it but you need to write it down and look at it everyday. Look and read it everyday like its a Netflix original and how you want to accomplish certain tasks for your prior reasoning. Keep look at the encouraging quotes but make sure the value you’re getting from them, you actually use it for the benefit that you need it for.

Month of February

Month of FebruaryMonth of February is here! A month filled with new blessings and challenges for every single of you guys with growth and new challenges. I want this month to be really special because it has opportunities to be great and to challenge yourself to the full extent which can signal growth as a person. Without growth or doing something different will always cause you to be a different person than you were yesterday and finding that new challenge within yourself means you’re growing. Without this challenge you will never be greater than you used to be which isn’t good. I believe that each and everyone one of us has a purpose on this earth as we serve for a God or have goals to accomplish. I want to learn something new than I did yesterday and to challenge myself and I also know you want to do the same as well. As the saying “Carpe Diem” exists, lets all accomplish those goals we have for ourselves and be the best versions of ourselves. Have a good day and be blessed with everything you do in this world.

No Excuses November

No Excuses NovemberWelcome to No Excuses November, where you shouldn’t make any excuses this November including myself, I hate excuses. It separates them from the average person and excuses are what truly holds us back. F*ck any excuses you have and work around them. Don’t lie or come up with something that will hold you back from accomplishing your goals just write those specific goals down and attack them at a different angle. You have the choice everyday to be a winner or you can settle for less than what you deserve and get everything you want done. Let’s aim high and attack our goals to the fullest potential. No Excuses November is for all the hard workers out there and not the slackers.

Time Management

Time Management Time Management is an important skill everyone needs to master in their lives and know how it can truly affect you if you don’t use it wisely. Being in collegiate athlete means I have a lot on my plate and using my time wisely is very crucial. Not just being college but an important life skill that everyone needs to master because time can move pretty fast if we are not using it correctly. I am always cautious of my time and you should too. Time management is important to businessmen, athletes, your neighbors, and yourself. Whatever you’re currently thinking about, I wouldn’t hesitate twice about it and just get it done because why wait? Time already moves fast enough and if you don’t pay attention closely, you might miss out on something important. This tip is important for myself and everyone around me with busy schedules and everything that goes on in their life.

Never Satisfied

Never SatisfiedYou should never be satisfied with yourself, ever! There’s always something that you want to achieve or improve upon no matter what you’re currently facing in your life. Always plan ahead and want more for yourself. Now, people think that’s a selfish thing to say but that’s the right mindset to succeeding in life and getting ahead. Everyone reaches their plateau thinking they have made it to the top and have nothing else to accomplish but in reality, there’s so much more that they can get done. Why settle, when you can aim higher? Once you have that mentality instilled within yourself, you will always want more and life will feel worth living because you’re not happy. Not happy with your life but the achievements that you complete. Never be satisfied with yourself and keep going.

Till You Make It

Till You Make ItWant to hear something? Nobody cares until you make something out of yourself. I know that sounds mean and very depressing to hear but it’s true because people will only congratulate you when they see you succeeding. People tend to only call me or text me when they see me doing good and i find that very funny because where was the support from the beginning? Exactly the point I’m trying to make. The people close to you won’t care but strangers and people that are not in your hometown will support you more than people you have known your whole life. We look at the success that it took to get there and not the journey. The journey is the hardest part of the whole destination and some people will never know that. I want to feel the gratitude of hard work and everything it took to get there but, the only thing you can get from it is to keep working hard until you make it.

“Nobody cares, work harder”

I will simply have to work harder if I want to truly get to where I want in this life and it only makes sense but it works for half of the population.

Suicide Awareness Month

Suicide Awareness MonthThe month of September is known as “Suicide Awareness Month” and I think everyone should know that because you’re all important and loved dearly by your loved ones and the people around you. Nobody should feel down and alone or feel hurt because you’re all important to someone and most importantly your life matters. YOU MATTER. I want to know everyone reading this matters to a full extent and people feel really overwhelmed with their lives to speak up or do anything when they feel that way and think. I want to know everyone reading this matters to a extent and I truly care about you. Your friends and family care about you also.

Screw Excuses

Screw ExcusesStop making excuses and go chase what you really want in life because you never know what can happen and stop be so soft on yourself because you know exactly what you’re doing. Figure out the blueprint you truly want to take and follow it. Go by your word and go make it happen. If you don’t make it happen you will be somewhere 20 years from now regretting that you truly want. We make excuses for things that are out of our reach and often too hard and I think its unhealthy to think like that because we are capable of anything. Why settle for less than you deserve in this life? It makes no sense on why you think you should settle for less because it doesn’t make any sense to me. Be remembered for taking action instead of taking regret. You will love yourself for it I promise you. You’re in charge of your life.