Till You Make It

Till You Make ItWant to hear something? Nobody cares until you make something out of yourself. I know that sounds mean and very depressing to hear but it’s true because people will only congratulate you when they see you succeeding. People tend to only call me or text me when they see me doing good and i find that very funny because where was the support from the beginning? Exactly the point I’m trying to make. The people close to you won’t care but strangers and people that are not in your hometown will support you more than people you have known your whole life. We look at the success that it took to get there and not the journey. The journey is the hardest part of the whole destination and some people will never know that. I want to feel the gratitude of hard work and everything it took to get there but, the only thing you can get from it is to keep working hard until you make it.

“Nobody cares, work harder”

I will simply have to work harder if I want to truly get to where I want in this life and it only makes sense but it works for half of the population.


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