Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Don’t Beat Yourself UpI used to beat myself up all the time and how I do things and I still do it sometimes. I want to chase perfection and be the best version of myself at all times but you have to remember, “its a marathon, not a sprint”. You’re still reaching those diamonds at the end of the tunnel, you’re still climbing that mountain, and you’re still working that 9-5 job because you need to but you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. These are the moments that can change your life forever because you’re still progressing and finding yourself so there’s no reason on why you should beat yourself up about it. I still beat myself about it but I need to remember I am still learning and got mountains to climb because I am still going. At times I feel as if I should beat myself up about things but then I remember everyone goes at their own pace and things will turn out okay in the end. Everything happens for a reason and I just need to focus and keep going like the rest of y’all. Never beat yourself up about something because you’re going to grow into a better person and this applies to everyone. Keep working hard and keep going!

Value Your Time

Value Your TimeWe need to value our time because time is a virtue. Its a concept that we all rely on and never have enough it in a 24 hour span because we are focused on things that help us survive in the long run because time is all we got. The saying “Time is money” means your time is worth more than your money because we can make money when we can but time is never gained back to us. We only have 24 hours in a day and its up to YOU to decide what you do with those hours. I wouldn’t stress something for more than 5 minutes because you will never get it back and you will be sorry that it happen. Be grateful for the opportunities that are happening around and be grateful to be alive but as saying this, be cautious with your time. This applies to anyone in any aspect in life if you desire to be successful someday and I know everyone reading this blog will be successful someday if they put their mind, soul, and heart into it. I pray everyone has a good blessing upon them and will continue to strive for what they want in their life. Also, I am sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I have before and will continue with my daily blogs per usual. Keep working hard everyone!

Chase your Dreams

Chase your DreamsChase your damn dreams. I want you to look at that statement for the rest of your life because we are the only ones who can chase our dreams and decide the outcome of our lives. I want every single one of you to chase what you’re passionate about because its your life. We all have something or motivates every single day of our life and whats the point of life if we aren’t chasing what we are passionate about. Yes, the dream you may be chasing may take awhile but that’s what makes it worth while because its about the journey that got you to your destination. We can progress everyday to our journey and make our dreams come true because we still have time to accomplish for what we truly want in life but its so important to chase your dreams and to never look back. Don’t take advice from your parents, friends, or even counselors and do what makes you happy in the end. They can only do so much for us and its important to get what you deserve in this world and within all seriousness, I am still chasing my dreams. Keep progressing throughout each and everyday and you’ll finally end up where you want in life.

Just You

Just YouAll we really have is ourselves. We indeed are selfish people with egos the size of pillars and are only motivated in our own self-interests. The person closest to you doesn’t care or the one next to you, all I can say is all you have is yourself in the end. What I am saying may seem strange but its only just you in the end because you’re the only person living the life that you currently desire so whatever you’re doing that’s holding you back, I suggest you stop having that feeling and go chase what you truly deserve. Yes what I said is self-motivated because that’s what we are as people, self-motivated. Nobody is else is going to do us for us but ourselves and most of the time its just us so why be worried if you’re alone or sad because its only you and just you in the end.

Enjoy Today

As the saying goes, tomorrow isn’t promised. Anyone or anything can happen to us in the matter of seconds so its important to live in the moment that you’re currently in and not any other moment because we can die at any moment and its better to be enjoying yourself than to be living with regret because we all aspire to do big things one day and its also important to be kind to people because you never know what they’re going through. Life is very short and anything can happen at any possible moment. I want everyone reading this post to be encouraged by this and tell the people that you love or talk to appreciate them more than you ever know because we are maturing as people and evolving and its important to live for today and not just tomorrow.

On your worst days

On the Worst DaysLife is life. We all have our bad days and our good days. More or less we will have more bad ones, than good ones.That doesn’t mean we should stop working just as hard on our bad days. You may feel down, depressed, losing hope for what you want but, if you keep feeling like that, you’re never going to know what you could’ve done. The things you can get out of your bad days is entirely up to your mindset. We can do almost anything we put our minds to and to think we can accomplish it on our bad days says a lot about your character. We want to be the best versions of ourselves obviously and we have to work everyday so we can reach our goals at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter the occasion you should be constantly working or doing something productive if we are having a good day or even the worst time of our life. Keep working hard no matter the weather or the storm because it will all turn out right in the end trust me. Skimlinks Test

Look in the mirror

The Truth of The MirrorEverything always comes to the surface and everything always come to the light. Whatever you decide to do it will always come back to either haunt you or to motivate you. Your actions are a reflection of yourself character as a person and every time you look in the mirror, it will show what type of person you will be or will become because of it. It’s going to rise to the surface because of what you’re doing with your time and your life. For example, if you have a negative aura or choose to do bad things that will affect your future or present self, it will show when you look at yourself in the mirror and you will become disappointed in yourself because of it. Every decision you decide to make will come back to you believe it or not and you can be the only person that can be pleased or disappointed with yourself in this life. The actions you do today or tomorrow will always come back to you no matter what it is. People think it never shows but trust me it does and when it does, prepare for the truth to come out and show you why it comes in the mirror. Shows the real from the fake and its important to make right with your actions and be the person you truly want to become.

Do they really care?

They Don’t Care As Much As They SayDo we really care as much as they say they do? Let me repeat what I just said. Some people in your corner won’t really care as much as they say they do and its important to be around people who do care. I want only good energy people around me because they will care for me and only me. Now they will have other priorities that have to come into our lives. Half of the people I know are not providing the energy I need around me to succeed and that’s why I am still in the same spot I have been. Needing good energy around you will make you happy and can change the course of your life forever because that energy is something that you should cherish very deep within yourself. The energy will make you motivated to things out of your comfort zone and will make you a better person day in and day out. I challenge everyone reading this to get out their comfort zone and go find the energy around your friends. Once you find it, you’ll never see people the same ever again.

Importance of Power

Be The Ruler or Get OverthrownOnce you’re at the top you have two options. 1st option is maintaining that power and making sure nobody can rightfully get it but you and only you and the second is losing it that power. Once, you’re at the top you feel invincible and feel in control of what you’re doing and won’t have a worry in the world to lose the power you have to someone else. The power you have can be stripped from you at any moment and you would never expect a thing. Power is up for grabs essentially and can be taken at any time so its important to keep a leveled head and be aware at all times. Nobody expects their power to get stripped from them and that’s the reality of life. Its about gaining and maintaining to new levels each and everyday. “One thing about power is, if you can’t maintain it, it will be taken away from you.” This shows you to never be too complacent in life and always to level up. Always remember to never settle, be better than you were yesterday, and to enjoy everyday and to become better everyday. Expect more posts like this in the near future because I’ve been slacking on my posts cause of work and getting ready for my soccer pre-season but that will change.

Outgrow the Past

Outgrow the Past Number One rule in life? Stop worrying about past events and live for the future. We often to live in the past because they were seen as good times in our lives or times we want to go back too. Well, stop living in the past. The past will put you nowhere but backwards and quite frankly, we think about our past but why not think of our future? The future is still being written depending on what you do today, tomorrow, or even a month from now. Outgrow what hurt you and think forward and only forward because we should only look forward and not behind us at all because we need to be excited for what’s to come. To end this post I just want to tell everyone is to think positive thoughts, drink lots of water, don’t pay mind to negative energy, be better than you were yesterday and enjoy everyday because there is something positive to get out of each day no matter what it is.