Chase your Dreams

Chase your DreamsChase your damn dreams. I want you to look at that statement for the rest of your life because we are the only ones who can chase our dreams and decide the outcome of our lives. I want every single one of you to chase what you’re passionate about because its your life. We all have something or motivates every single day of our life and whats the point of life if we aren’t chasing what we are passionate about. Yes, the dream you may be chasing may take awhile but that’s what makes it worth while because its about the journey that got you to your destination. We can progress everyday to our journey and make our dreams come true because we still have time to accomplish for what we truly want in life but its so important to chase your dreams and to never look back. Don’t take advice from your parents, friends, or even counselors and do what makes you happy in the end. They can only do so much for us and its important to get what you deserve in this world and within all seriousness, I am still chasing my dreams. Keep progressing throughout each and everyday and you’ll finally end up where you want in life.


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