Keep Going, No Matter What

Keep Going, No Matter What You have to preserve each and everyday. No matter what is going on in your life, you have to keep the foot on the gas. The moment you want to create, the goal you want to achieve, the business you want to build, is all up to you to keep going. The goals you want to achieve in this lifetime won’t wait for you unless you chase after it like you’re playing man hunt with your friends. We always seem to think we are distant from our goals when in reality, we are actually getting closer than we did yesterday and that’s what so many people forget to realize. Stop slowing down and turning off the jets. You need to realize you have to fail to make progression and that it will bring you closer to the light. You have so much untapped potential its crazy. The moment you stop, you will realize that an opportunity for something greater than your own belief will never happen again so its important to never slow down at all and to keep preserving.

Success isn’t a straight line

You won’t immediately run into the open space of success. If you think success is like a rocket ship going into outer space or a track athlete running the 200 meter dash, you’re wrong. Success wasn’t meant to be easy for anyone. That’s what makes it so fulfilling to accomplish goals that you set out for yourself. You’re not going to have immediate success with anything and that’s fine because it takes time and hard work to reach your goals and dreams.

Years of hard work and dedication makes perfect sense on why you see people like Kevin Hart, Bruce Jenner, Kayne West and other celebrities. The common theme on why they are so known for what they’re is because of the work ethic that they put in. I’ve been learning for quite sometime now that success isn’t merely given to you and it won’t be easy by any means at all. Work smart but work hard and clearly for what you want. You need to work for what you want in this world or you will never have it. My take on all this is to fail. Failure leads to success and goes back to my point on why success isn’t a straight line and it takes you multiple attempts to accomplish a certain task to do.

Till You Make It

Till You Make ItWant to hear something? Nobody cares until you make something out of yourself. I know that sounds mean and very depressing to hear but it’s true because people will only congratulate you when they see you succeeding. People tend to only call me or text me when they see me doing good and i find that very funny because where was the support from the beginning? Exactly the point I’m trying to make. The people close to you won’t care but strangers and people that are not in your hometown will support you more than people you have known your whole life. We look at the success that it took to get there and not the journey. The journey is the hardest part of the whole destination and some people will never know that. I want to feel the gratitude of hard work and everything it took to get there but, the only thing you can get from it is to keep working hard until you make it.

“Nobody cares, work harder”

I will simply have to work harder if I want to truly get to where I want in this life and it only makes sense but it works for half of the population.