Uncomfortable is Growth

You have to be Uncomfortable to growIn order to grow in life, we have to be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is a stepping stone into something new that you’re not used to. There’s only two choices you will get from this post. One, you will be in the same position forever and will regret into changing yourself. Two, you will feel uncomfortable in life and will make you think. Now, when I say uncomfortable I mean new goals, mindset, and things you say you will do instead of putting it off for tomorrow when you can do it right now. Once you feel uncomfortable, you will realize that anything is possible and will be in a better mindset of not putting off your goals. I can vouch for this because I never wanted to step outside my comfort zone and wanted things to remain how they are always are but then I realized, how will I become a better me if I’m not uncomfortable? I will never know what I could’ve done differently if I was uncomfortable or wanted to change I would’ve never grew in life and became the person I am today. I am telling you right now, go be uncomfortable and experience something that were not used to because when you experience that. So as you’re reading this, go be uncomfortable in situations that you’re not used too.