The Wandering Struggler

Struggling through this life with aspirations and a clear eye view that makes everything so vivid

Walking down gloomy hallways and dark passages to overcome the sadness that lies inbetween the Great Wall of desperation and the promised land

Wandering near and far, from town to town seeking something bigger than himself. Is it a dream? Is it money? Is it a woman? With no passing luck I have to battle the demons that linger inside my mind that overcompensate the everyday battles that make me truly think.

Through faith, perseverance, & a self fulfilling prophecy. You will be the wandering struggling yourself.

Wandering from job to job, town to town, new acquaintance to the next, you will feel the embarrassment & hard knocks that come your way. I have felt this recently & whenever I struggle it feels like this road of unhappiness and disbelief will never end.

Finding myself in solitude thinking how I can ever get of this deafening slumber that I am in. Will it get better? Will I learn from this experience? Indeed so. This struggle makes the journey what it’s worth and how we can bring ourselves together and how our emotional intelligence and mental capacity begin to intertwine. Our brain tells us something is hard and we want to give up automatically, but our body is forcing ourselves not to allow it.

We will wander for as long as we live. Wander to the end of the tunnel where we feel the soothing sun on our skin and look at the promised land that lies ahead of us.

We are all just wandering strugglers wandering for better, the road never stops until we actually decide to make it stop.

Keep going.

©Opare Asihene. All rights reserved