The Road Ahead

It has never occurred to me that I would’ve this many followers on this blog.

Making this blog in high school because I wanted to find another way to make money instead of the conventional way and thought to myself, “ is this really who I am?”

Well obviously that was high school me & now I am in college, I have learned what this truly means to me and what I am as a person. Allowing to get out what’s hiding in my head and clear out my head.

Nonchalant to Edgar Allen Poe in my writing style and expressing everything that’s deep in my heart. Obviously, I want more followers to read what I have to say and what input I want to give out to everyone who follows me. Engagement, value, comedy, life advice, the possibilities are endless with me.

Being a spectator of many blogs and doing what I know how to do best and create. I’ve seen a post about truly creating the life I want and nobody ever told me how much work and effort you truly want for a self sustaining blog with a lot of traffic and engagement.

This can show me that absolutely anything is possible in this world and I can’t even be better than Kevin Hart as I am funnier than Gottfried. Sorry if you’re reading this @gottfried, it’s the truth.

To laughs, wealth, prosperity, and to more creative ventures, the long road awaits.

I have always wanting to change my life for the better and get everything that I desire in this life time and it will happen.

Just put a block of cheese out there and I am bound to get it like the mouse I am, small in stature but bound to get it. Just watch me get to the top like my fellow bloggers and create something bigger.

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